(20) Dress Swap

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"HONEY LEMON! NO!" Hiro screamed as he got pushed in the bathroom.

"C'mon Hiro!" Honey struggled pushing the boy, shoving him inside the bathroom and closing the door tightly, dusting her hands as she was done.

"I am NOT wearing that thing!!" Hiro shouted from the other side of the door.

"Yes you are!" Honey Lemon argued back. "You lost the dare!"

She heard him groan loudly from the other side of the door.

Sighing, Honey Lemon turned to the boys.

"I'll go check on (Y/n) guys." Honey smiled at the boys and skipped towards the other room.


"Go inside." Gogo huffed at you.

She was intimidating you..

"Um, okay.." You muttered, scratching your neck.

You obeyed and went inside the other bathroom as you saw clothes on the sink.

You groaned. "Why do I have to do this?"


"Come out Hiro!" Tadashi laughed.

"NO!" Hiro yelled as he looked down at his clothes.

He was wearing a long cream sleeve sweater, a pink skirt that you had and some black flat sandals. Honey Lemon took it earlier if you're asking..

"I'll give you my box of gummy bears!" Fred yelled over the door.

Hiro perked up at the thought of a box full of gummy bears and huffed, annoyed at their offer.



"Come out!" Honey shouted excitedly.

"Um.. MAYBE LATER!" You shouted back.

"Come on, (Y/n)! You lost the bet too!"

You huffed and reached for the door knob.

'I'm gonna regret this..' You thought irritatedly.

You turned the knob and hesitantly got out.

Honey and Gogo looked at you with wide eyes.

"AWWW! (Y/N) YOU LOOK SO CUTE!" Honey squealed and took her phone out while taking a TON of photos.

You were standing awkwardly with a blush painted on your face.

"C'mon! Let's make Hiro see!" She yelled excitedly as she grabbed a whole lot of your wrist and pulled you with her.


Hiro got outside and started to blush a bit as he saw the other boy's faces.

The boys were trying to stifle their laughter.

Tadashi chuckled and pulled Hiro's wrist.

"Let's make the girls see." He smirked.

Hiro's eyes widened as he started to wiggle out of Tadashi's grasp.

"''DASHI! NO!"


"(Y/n)'s hereee~!" Honey Lemon sang and pulled you in front of her, holding both of your shoulders as you faced the boys with a dark blush.

Tadashi smirked and mirrored Honey's actions, making Hiro face you with the outfit that Honey picked.

You stared at him and he did the same. You both eyed each other up and down, still in a blushing mess.

"He/She looks cute in my clothes." Hiro and (Y/n) thought at the same time, unaware that they did.

They both realized what they thought and blushed (if possible) darker.

"Noooow! Pictures!" Honey Lemon took out her phone, pushing (Y/n) to Hiro.

You were so NOT ready for the shove that you lost your balance and got knocked with Hiro, falling on the floor with a thud!

You cracked your eyes open and saw as yours and Hiro's noses were almost touching. You scrambled to get up (since you were on top of him) and held out a hand to help Hiro get up.

He took it hesitantly and you pulled him up, his navy blue zip-up sweater flying with your motion.

You smiled at him awkwardly as he returned it.

"WHY ARE MY OTP'S CUTE?!" Honey screamed, jumping up and down, aka fangirling.

"(You and Hiro's ship name) for the win!"

You eyed her and mentally face palmed.

This is gonna be an embarrassing day..


Aaand, that's done! :D

So sorry if this is short :(

I just wanted to catch up! :)

Sooooo, hope you enjoy this lame oneshot that didn't make sense! :D

Bye bye!

Luv yoouu! 😘


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April 29, 2018

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