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This "dictionary" may contain offensive material, so if you're easily provoked, please refrain from turning the page. As you may have noticed, this "dictionary" is in the humor and random section, meaning that it is not meant to be taken seriously.

Yes, that means school is not an actual hell for most people, not every single female is obsessed with 1D--not that such a passion should be frowned upon in the first place, Justin Bieber is actually quite talented--albeit not the best person out there, and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, please refrain from having arguments on my message board or in the comments section of my works. If you simply can't ignore the people whose opinions stray so far from yours, please have the courtesy to settle your differences via PMs (private messages).

A/N: My new short story "Before He Was King" has officially been published. The best comment on each chapter will have that chapter dedicated to them. Happy reading!

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