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I wake up and look over to see Blake asleep in bed.

I decide I'm just going to let him sleep off the hangover.

I get myself ready and then I get medication and water for when Blake wakes up. He's going to need it for the hangover.

I sit myself in a corner and begin to read, silently waiting for Blake to wake up.

When I hear rustling, I look up toward the bed. Blake is beginning to sit up when he lays back down.

He cringes at the light. "Teal?" he asks.

"Right here." I say going over to hand him his pills and water.

"What happened?" He asks as I help him sit up.

"What's the last thing you remember?" I ask.

"Dancing with you." He says happily taking the pills.

"You don't remember consuming all the alcohol?" I question.

He looks at me with a sort of pain in his eyes I don't recognize.

"I remember that..." he says. "Look Teal I'm sor-"

"Do you remember anything after that?" I ask. The last thing I want to hear is an apology.

"I was awake after that?" he asks.

I nod. I can't help but wonder why he left when he did. Why it drove him to drink.

One thought keeps popping into my head.

He rejected you.

I can't help the thoughts from going through my head. He must've felt uncomfortable, felt like it went too far... I don't know.

I'm too embarrassed to bring it up, but I want to know why.

He looks up at me and closes his eyes tightly before exhaling. "I completely ruined your night, didn't I?" He asks.

I shrug and take a seat next to him. "I don't like parties anyway." I remind him.

He looks over at the couch and you can visibly see the disappointments and guilt fill his features.

"Whatever I did or said made you sleep on the couch..." He begins.

"Whatever you did or said? Are you kidding?" I ask him.

He looks at me confused and I shake my head.

"Let's forget about what you said, because it doesn't matter. Let's talk about what you did." I say angrily.

"You got completely wasted for god knows what reason, and not only did you have me worried that something terrible happened to you by completely disregarding the 'rules' we talked about in the car, but you also got so wasted that if anybody were to try and hurt me that night, you wouldn't have even remembered it today!" I say sternly.

"I thought you said alcohol turns you into a monster! What could have possibly happened that drove you to drink in the first place!?" I demand.

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