'Hi,My name is Ryouko Akashino'Ryouko said                                                                                                         Thats a pretty familiar name...

"Hmm let's see....There,you'll sit behind Okumura"-Miss Sawada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

"I understand"-Ryouko 

After that Ms.Sawada discuss..........................................

"I didn't knew that you will transfer here"-Okumura                                                                                  

"It is none of your business"-Ryouko whispered                                                                                                         I do think they know each other


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"It's Recess Let's continue it tomorrow"-Ms.Sawada said

"Hi,My name is Reiko"-I said                                            

"Excuse me miss,do i know you??"-Ryouko asked

'Ofcourse you two know each other.You two we're friends when you two we're just little.'-Okumura  said

"Oh  now I remember"-I said

'Thanks goodness you two are  finish'-Yukiteru said

'Huh,Who are you?'-Ryouko asked

"Oh this is Yukiteru my childhood fri-- I mean childhood enemy"-Me

"Hey!! What was that supposed to be mean!?"-Yukiteru

After that Ryouko held her hands at yukiteru's both cheeks and..

"Huh,What are you doing"-Yukiteru said while blushing

"Now i know everything"-Ryouko said

*Dafuq,She knows me by just touching? what is she? a psycic?*-Yukiteru thinks

"A-and You're Crush is..."-Ryouko said

"Heyy!! It's not what you think! She is not my--!!"Yukiteru shouted

After Yukiteru grabbed Reiko out of the classroom and run away.

"What did just happened?"-I asked

"You don't have worry about Ryouko and Yukiteru.They will be fine"-Okumura said


"Don't mind them,everything will just be fine"-Okumura said then he chuckled

To be continued~


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