Brief Evolution of the Omegaverse & Arcs

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The omegaverse... I consider this alternate universe arc to be very flexible in which you can choose to do whatever you like with it. You can make it so there are a single hybrid species like wolves, make multiple species, keep them human but with the A/B/O types and organs, or whatever you desire. But I will be going over a basic explanation of the evolution of just 3 of these possible universe arcs you might wish to do. Those being the one with many hybrid types, lycanthropy, and normal humans.

Multiple Hybrid Arc

This arc is fairly simple as it takes the omegaverse system and the typical bipedal human and adds animal ears onto them, tails, and possibly other various traits as well. This one is fairly common but not usually used surprisingly. This system can create some quite interest stories as you could have same species being only able to reproduce or allowing cross species reproduction, creating new hybrids as a result.

Lycanthropy Arc

To those who don't know what lycanthropy is, it's basically what you call a two-legged being like a werewolf. They often have leg and bone structure like this:

The lycanthropy universe arc is a very common and widely used omegaverse arc as it involves human/wolf hybrids and no others

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The lycanthropy universe arc is a very common and widely used omegaverse arc as it involves human/wolf hybrids and no others. It also is often very primitive with tribes and packs still being common, with the moon often being a symbol for them and also a spirit of sorts for matrimony.

Soul mates can possibly be present in this arc type. They can either accept their mate or reject them, this often is quite painful and in some cases, stories may explain how rejected mates die from deep sorrow.

Now a common theme in this arc is werewolves or lycanthropy. Now of course if you want you can just make them be in a single form like the image above or can have them switch between them at will or during certain occasions. I would elaborate on lycanthropy more but that is not my field of expertise, that and I don't wanna anger any lycanthrope fanatics on here (can you blame a guy for not wanting a witch hunt?).

Human Arc

Now there isn't many differences in this arc, as everything except sexual reproduction is similar to how we reproduce. Now the differences are that this arc can contain varying degrees of wolf behavior or human behavior. Not only that but it also contains the knot for alphas and the omega male(s) being capable of becoming pregnant via a uterus attached to the anal cavity. This is a very common arc as it only changes the anatomy of people classified as alphas or omegas.

Keep in mind, the omegaverse is highly flexible in what arc you go for. Not only that but you can create your own arc if you so, please.

Keep in mind, the omegaverse contains at least an Alpha, Omega, Or Beta. You can use a combination of the three or two but the omegaverse is the omegaverse because of these roles.

But that doesn't mean you can't make your own arcs! The omegaverse is flexible as it leaves everything up to the writers imagination to leap off the basic rules and create something truly unique. If you wanted you can even combine it with other AU's. But that will be left up to you.

Also, to address any contradictions or confusion with betas... you can have an alpha mate with a beta if they are a female, male betas CANNOT become pregnant, but you could change that rule to be possible if you so desire, for the omegaverse is left up to the author's interpretations of it all.

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