Act two: Dru in bed

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Dru rips your clothes off and you rip off his. You look at his gaint cannoli and he has that dirty look in his eyes again. He then oofs you and after awhile, it's over. "I think I love you," Dru said between breaths. You look at him in shock. "I-I love you too," you finally manage to say. You guys just sit there for a while, gazing in each others eyes. You decided to watch a movie about a tall, smexy ogre that went by the name "Shrek" You fall asleep in Dru's arms without a care in the world. You're suddenly awoken by Gru moving quickly. "W-what's going on," you ask. "I'm sorry baby, but you were just a one night stand. I actually love... my twin broter" He gets up and walks out the door. You're left heart borken.

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