Chapter 16 Please read A/N at end

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Please read the A/N at the end of the chapter xo

Kylie's P.O.V

Getting to know Hunter was amazing. He was so sweet and caring. Always checking if I was okay, if I needed something and comforting me when I felt left out. My crush on him had grown and I don't think that it will ever go away.

Right now, we are at the venue, waiting for the show to begin. I was staying backstage in my wheelchair watching as the boys were introduced my Lox. I gazed sadly after Hunter, knowing a handsome guy like him, would never like a girl like me. 

No guy ever wants me, they want the slim, fit cheerleader girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes... Stereotypical really. 

I laughed as the show went on and suddenly all the boys stopped and turned to Hunter smirks littering their faces. Oh gosh, what in god's name are they planning. 

Hunter blushed as Nash whispered something in his ear, and he nervously raised the microphone to his lips. "So, I may have only met this girl just today, but I find myself falling in love with her. She is gorgeous, funny, kind and did I say gorgeous?" He said cheekily. 

The crowd laughed at his antics as did I, but i couldn't help but feel jealous as to who this girl is. "But, she gets bullied. And I don't see why she does! I mean, she ended up in a wheelchair fro crying out loud. What has this world come to? She is here tonight and I would like her to get her cute little butt over here." He said winking over in my direction. 

I smiled and teared up at hearing it was me. Someone had finally picked me, and out of everyone he could've picked from, he chose me. 

I wheeled myself out and stopped next to Hunter. The crowd cheered as he knelt to my level and took one of my hands in his. They felt so small compared to his. "Kylie Monique Grier, you are the most amazing person I have ever me..." Hunter was cut off by Taylor yelling out, "My god man, you aren't proposing... OW! What was that for!?" I giggled as Cam looked at him innocently, "They are having a cute moment, hush..." 

"Yeah, Taylor... Shut up." Hunter joked before continuing. "As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. You are an amazing girl, you have a true personality and a kind heart. You are loyal and stick by those that you love. I hope to be one of those people for the rest of my life. Would you do the honors of becoming my girlfriend?" I pretended to think about it, before giggling and nodding, "Of course!" With that he cheered and hugged me.  

Everyone began to cheer and clap, while I held onto Hunter, never wanting to let him go again. 

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