Chapter 17

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As soon as I got to his mom's house I didn't even knock. I walked in to see him playing with the twins on the floor and that honestly made my heart melt like for real. "He's the same age as my fucking kids and you didn't think to tell me,"I said through clenched teeth. He stood up and looked at me with his dark blue orbs."And she was my fucking friend and you don't give two shits do you".He just looked sad and hurt but there was a twist of guilt. "Say something asshole",He open opened his mouth then closed it and started to talk. "I'm sorry I was going to tell you but-", He said but I cut him off, "So when you said you was working you were putting in work, That was the perfume lipstick stains youre a cheater".I said not caring if my kids were right there. Then it all came back to me and where I could be right now. I could be a normal 17 yearold girl, getting in trouble for sneaking out and Dis obeying my mom and for wearing clothes that were too short. But no I was a fucking teen mom living in a hotel and online schooling.  But most important I wouldn't have met Andrew and he wouldn't have given me my two beautiful kids that make me smile and remind me to week up everyday and keep me going.

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