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Helloooo! So today I'd like to discus punishments, both sexual and non sexual. BEFORE WE GET STARTED I WANT TO STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF NEVER PUNISHING YOUR LITTLE OUT OF ANGER AS WELL AS NEVER MAKING COMMUNICATION RESTRICTION A PUNISHMENT. Use the right level of punishment for the action your little did.
There are many different ranges of punishments from simply putting your little in the corner or pushing a sub to their limits.
Step one is to first ask and discus the types of punishments your sub and you, as the dom, are okay with. If you are an asexual couple then I would recommend making that clear. If you're sexual I would consider what your limits are and if you are okay with being pushed over that limit.
Step two is to remember that punishments aren't something to be abused. If a sub is bratty use a punishment well fit for that. If your dom is constantly spanking you for nothing, without consent, then it most likely means they dont know what their doing or they are a fake dom. But in the case they dont know what they're doing refer to this boook!! Make sure to use safe words because sometimes even a punishment, most of the time BDSM wise, is too intense and needs to be stoped. And if you know your little has anxiety when away from you, the dom, then dont separate them from you as a punishment. This goes back to the comfort zone.
Step three is to NEVER EVER EVER FORGET AFTERCARE!! Simply cuddling you little or tell them how much you love them and make sure they feel as comfortable and safe as possible.
Examples of Punishments:
Writing Lines
Corner Time
Public Apology
Extra Chores
Some type of grounding (Cell phone use, social media, ect.)
Early Bedtime
Toy Ban
No Bedtime Story
Mouth Washing
No playtime (sexual time)
Forced To Wear Vibrator While CG Has Remote
Nipple Clamps
Anal Play
Anal Beads
Degrading (if little is okay with it)

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