"How Was Your Interview?"

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I woke with my temples pounding and my mouth still tasting like the scotch I had been drinking last night. A blur of events rushed through my mind. My father yelling at me over the phone. Again. The short-haired, scantily clad girl from the bar smiling pretty. Turned out, she did it for a free drink, which was fine by me. Then the unexpected voice at the end of a wrong number and the weird calm it brought me with just a few sentences. Her voice . . . her fucking voice was so sweet I felt it in my cock.

Not just that, though. Right after I'd talked to her, sleep came to me easier than all the other nights.

I looked at the last number dialed and raised an eyebrow. I'd saved her as Scissors. Strange.

Me: I woke up with that husky voice of yours in mind.

Her answer came immediately.

Scissors: Are you harassing me?

Me: Depends on whether you like it or not?

Scissors: What's in it for me?

Me: The voice and opinions of a very honest, very male friend.

Scissors: Hmmm. I might accept that. Weird text buddies it is . . .

Me: Right. I'm hoping this short talk will be my good luck charm today.

Scissors: Good luck for what?

Me: To knock 'em dead during an interview.

Scissors: I'll send a good vibe or two, lonely guy.

I smirked, rolled out of bed, and pulled on a pair of sweats.

I moved through our apartment in Oak Creek, a combo of luxury and campus nearness that not many could afford. I was lucky I'd found the ad online when I did. Levi was a good roommate. If you were into large men with hacking skills and unruly hair. Or, such as my case, if you needed someone to leave you and your thoughts alone. I could hear him typing away like a maniac.

I opened the door to his lair and saw his beard and hair wilder than usual. He was buff for a nerd, and he had two states: typing away at his computer or training in the boxing gym with me.

I took in his bloodshot eyes and the empty energy drink cans and takeout containers lying around him.

"Dude, when was the last time you slept?" I asked in lieu of good morning.

He waved me off, not stopping his typing.

"So last night, I met a girl . . ."

My roommate barked a laugh without pausing.

"How's that news for you?"

"Some chick at the bar gave me a wrong number. She was hot, so I called her on the way home."

He whistled.

"That hot, huh?"

"She was, but the girl I ended up calling, who was a totally different person, by the way, was far more interesting. She had a cute voice."

But I'd lost Levi's attention.

"Lame. Thought I saw a Post-it about an interview today? Go. Away!" he said without stopping his typing.

"Yes, I'm driving to San Francisco."

Levi just lifted his chin in my general direction.

"Break a leg this time, man," he grumbled.

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