Chapter 30: See the Light

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A/N 1: I know I updated less than 24 hours ago, but here's the most precious chapter I've ever written. Enjoy (At least I had the self control to wait until morning).

The breeze caught Eve’s hair gently, causing the red locks to brush across her face. She followed Finno as he led her along the small path to the Two Trees. The light from Laurelin had dwindled to but a small glow, but Telperion brightly shined. The tinkling of bells from Valmar still floated through the air, a pleasant backdrop for the beauty ahead.

Finno watched Eve closely. Her gaze remained trained on the Trees ahead of them. He nearly chuckled at the way her mouth stayed partially open in visible awe of the scene. When the came close, to the foot of the great hill of Ezellohar, she stopped walking.

“I cannot believe what I'm seeing.” She laughed lightly. “Glowing trees. But these are way better than a sun and moon.”

Finno grinned back at her. He hesitated before taking her hand. “Come on.”

Together he led her up the path of Ezellohar. Finno found it surprising that no one else was found there. He certainly didn't mind. He realized how excited he felt to finally spend time with Eve alone. He had done so at Alqualondë, but there she had been more fragile, and though he cared, he had not cared like this. He knew he'd need to thank Nelyo later.

Eve stared up at the trees in awe. They had climbed half way up the great hill. Both towered far above her, and to her surprise she found herself able to look at Telperion without issue. Perks of being an elf, she supposed. Tearing her eyes away from the silver tree, she looked instead at the smiling face of Findekáno.

She grinned. “What?”

But he merely gave a short laugh and shook his head. “You.”

“What about me?” Eve rolled her eyes.

Finno’s smile softened and he turned away, looking instead ahead at the Two Trees. “Everything.”

They stood quietly for a moment. The air felt cool, and Eve noticed now that water dripped from the flowers of Telperion. She turned to Finno. “Can we go closer? Is it allowed?”

Finno nodded to her, winking. “Of course, my lady.”

Together, side by side, Finno and Eve walked the rest of the way up. Surprisingly, the ground felt dry, not moist as she would've expected. There were small aqueducts on the ground in some places catching the water from the flowers. Eve bent down and touched the water in the collectors. It glowed, just like the leaves and the blossoms. The light radiated from the liquid itself, as if the tree cried light.

“It is magnificent, no?” Finno took her hand and led her to the trunk of Telperion itself. “Here. Don't be scared.”

Eve hesitated but nodded as Finno took her hand and placed it gently on the silvery-white trunk. Immediately she became aware of the power that coursed through the Tree itself. She didn't know how to describe it other than she felt it living. The trunk felt neither warm nor cold, but a strange mixture of the two. When she removed her hand, her breath hitched.


“It is truly an experience.” Finno smiled and gestured for her to head back down the hill. “We can stay here awhile, on Ezellohar.”

“I'd like that.” She nodded back.

About half way down the hill, the ground leveled out. Finno sat down and Eve followed. Far above them, millions of stars filled the heavens, and to her surprise they shined bright enough to show through despite the closeness of Telperion. She found Menelmacar, Orion, and lay back in the grass, content to count the spots of light far above.

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