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Sam's POV
I was sitting on the couch. Holding Claire. She was just giggling at me. "You little cutie"I smiled. She did her little baby scream. I laughed.

"Where's my kid?"Dean asked. "Over here with her favorite uncle"I said. He laughed. And sat next to me. Once she saw him, she reached for him. "I see you."she grabbed her.

"She loves ya man"I smiled. "I love her to. And so does Cas. And he loves her more than bees"he chuckled. I laughed.

She was just doing her little baby talking. "Oh really. Tell me all about it"he said to her. She giggled. "Really?"he asked.

"And you were worried"I patted his back. "Oh I was. The night before I thought about leaving.  But I looked at Cas and knew I would be fine"he smiled. I nodded.

"Mom would of loved her."I said. "Yep. Who wouldn't love this cute little baby?"he wondered. I nodded.

"So you and Gabriel going to that movie?"he asked. "Yep"I said,popping the p.

"Well has fun. I have to get this little girl ready. Cas wants to take her somewhere"he got up. I nodded. "I should probably get ready to"I got up. He turned around. "Oh you never told me what happened at the date"he said.

I smiled. "Well, Nothing happened. Was just a mistake."I said. He nodded. "Anything else you want to tell me?"he asked. I shook my head.

"Nope. Go get ready. I'm good"I said. He nodded and walked off. I started to head towards my room when I saw Gabe. "Hey ready to go?"he asked. I nodded. "Just need to change my shirt real fast"I smiled.

"K. I'm by the door"he point. "K"I smiled as he walked off.

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