Mr. Emblem in the Parking Lot With The Knife

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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." ~ William Shakespeare  


Meanwhile. . . .

It was moments like this when Jack really wanted to wring V.C.'s neck. In a completely metaphorical, professional sort of way.

He could see her peeking through the blinds of the Rinshawn conference room. (If one could call the 650 square feet area a conference room).

She either thought he couldn't see her, or she didn't care. He wasn't exactly sure which.

Whenever he said something to the young man sitting across from him, she would press her face up against the glass, squinting to read his lips. It had gotten to the point that he would cover his mouth with his hand before he ever questioned the suspect.

To say Emblem was confused at Jack's abnormal behavior was an understatement.

Luckily, Jack's awkward techniques and the loitering doctor notwithstanding, the interrogation progressed. But, finally, Jack couldn't stand her antics and excused himself from the room.

Yanking the door open, he closed it behind him softly and turned to face the offending woman.

"Having fun?" He questioned, an up-quirk to his brow. "Because you're making it pretty impossible for me to conduct an interview."

She finally unpressed her face from the window with a wet suction, leaving a red mark on her cheek. "Well if you let me into the room, it wouldn't have been a problem in the first place."

Jack pocketed his pen into his pocket before he accidentally snapped it. Pen ink was a tough thing to get out of clothing, as he knew from the past.

"You can't be in the homicide interrogation of the man who hired you in the first place! You're too close."

She frowned and motioned with one hand into the room. "But Slade Emblem didn't kill his father. He wouldn't have hired me to investigate Silvia if there was a chance it would come back to him." She grumbled under her breath and then said audibly." And it's not like he's an important client."

Shaking his head, Jack said, "He could have been covering his tracks. He has the means, motive, and the opportunity to kill them both. You saw the letter Pager found on Emblem's computer. It's not every day that we find a threatening letter to a murder victims from said murder victim's son. He's still guilty until proven innocent."

V.C. quirked her brows at him and stifled a smile, "Isn't it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?"

Jack waved his hand dismissively. "Regardless, you can't go into that room."

V.C. placed her hands on her hips and looked at him expectantly, "Then are you at least going to tell me what he said. Why was he meeting Silvia when he was sure that she murdered his father? Why did he have an envelope of cash? Why did he have that hunting knife? Did he even try to explain away the letter--" She went on and on, not even stopping to take a breath before Jack had to physically stop her- one finger placed discreetly upon her pink lips.

He noticed that she sometimes had the predisposition to ramble on and if he didn't stop her, she might pass out from the lack of air.

"One question at a time, Coldwater." Jack flipped open his notebook and read his scrawl. "First off, Silvia was the one who called him. She claimed she would tell him who murdered his father if he would pay her enough money to get out of the country and stay off the grid."

Jack glanced up when he said that and his attention was momentarily diverted away from his notes as she scrunched up her face and cocked her head to the side, lost in thought. Her hair fell to the side and showcased the expanse of her porcelain neck.

That was another thing he noticed about her. Whenever she was analyzing someone or something, she turned her head to the side and stared out into space, lost in the labyrinth of her mind.

Clearing his throat roughly, Jack smoothed his features and returned to the paper pad. "Number two, Emblem said he brought the knife for protection because he thought Silvia had killed his father, which sounds plausible."

"But the letter, did you ask him about the letter?" V.C. bounced up and down on her heels. Her movement sent a whiff of coffee streaming towards him, filling his nostrils with a rich aroma, laced with sweetness.

That explained it. She was high out of her mind on caffeine. Jack shrugged to himself and decided to let her excitable behavior go. It was nearing 2 am and neither of them had slept since 7 am the previous morning.

Hiding a smirk behind his hand, Jack answered her. "Yes, I did mention it, I'm not incompetent."

V.C. rolled her eyes but let Jack continue, "Before his death, Mateo had told Slade that he was changing his will and giving most of his estate to charity. He said he didn't want his son to go through life with a silver spoon in his mouth. He--" Jack pointed through the window into the darkened room which Slade Emblem occupied. "was angry, of course. His father was going to take away his inheritance of $4.5 million. Slade claims that it was just him letting off steam at his father. Of course, that never happened because he died first."

V.C. looked at him expectantly for what was becoming the hundredth time that day. It was like she expected him to read her mind.

Seeing that he was remaining mute, V.C. pushed, "What do you think? Do you think he could have stolen the gun from Merhaba and killed his father?"

Shaking his head, Jack replied negatively. "No, I don't think he could have killed his father. He doesn't fit the type."

"People are always adept at hiding the true nature of their character when they need to. . ."

"Not this guy, he didn't want his father dead, that's for sure. But it doesn't mean he didn't try to kill Silvia." Jack started to walk back towards the room, leaving V.C. behind him. She followed his brisk pace, raining him with questions.

"But how do you know he didn't want his father dead. You said yourself that he had the means and motive to do it."

Pausing in the doorway, one hand pressed against the firm oak, Jack turned back to look at her over his shoulder. "Because I know what it's like to want to kill your father. He may have been angry with him, but there's no way Slade Emblem could have killed Mateo."

With that proclamation, Jack swiveled and closed the door, leaving V.C. standing alone under the fluorescent lights.



Eeek- don't hate me because the plot twist wasn't actually a plot twist.

Emblem actually isn't alive and the man Silvia met was his son-Slade. But I promise there will be more (real) plot twists in the future!

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(PS: the next chapter has some cute parts b/w Jack and V.C.)

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