The Debut

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We spent the rest of that morning trying to work out which two songs we could use to finish off our debut EP. We all knew that the last few tracks can make all the difference. Finally we settled on Mz. Hyde by Halestorm (just to give Sam at least one female vocal to perform) and Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides. We figured the latter would work with our band name to give us an image. 

A few hours later we regrouped and left the studio, on a promise that our EP would hit the stores tomorrow if we submitted our own cover art today. Our drummer said that he'd take care of it, and email each of us a copy before he sent it to the record company. We unanimously agreed that our first release should have the same name as our band, just to keep it simple. Later that night, an email came through from Dave. I clicked to open the attachment, and my mind was blown. 

He'd hand-drawn an image, and it was simply amazing. The background was that of an ordinary city, but in the foreground stood four figures that clearly weren't supposed to be from Earth. The only vaguely human characteristics were the creatures' faces. Each creature had the face of a member of our band. 

Paul the bassist was depicted as some sort of lizard, his tongue flicking over the strings of the bass guitar. Dave had drawn himself as a mutated boar that stood on its hind legs, its tusk coated with a shining layer of blood. On first glance, I thought that I was meant to be a skeletal raven, with my wings outstretched. But it was only when I took in the bigger picture that I understood. I was a visual definition of a fallen angel. But it was the picture of Sam that really topped it off. She was positioned a few steps in front of us, obviously meant to emphasise that she was the frontwoman. Her skin was of the darkest red, and he'd really captured the darkness of her hair. She was literally a demon. But it didn't look like your clichéd cartoon demon. This was a pure creature from the darkest pits of Hell itself. Like the rest of her bandmates, her eyes were glowing red. 

An IM message popped up from Dave. 

"So what do you guys think?" I quickly typed a reply. 

"It's great, I love it." 

"Yeah, I think it's perfect." Sam agreed. "Plus you made my boobs look great!" She added sarcastically. As always, Paul didn't respond. We knew he'd agree though. Dave emailed the artwork to the record company, and we chatted for a couple more hours before I decided to call it a night. 

The next day we headed out to the record store to see how well we were selling. It's a well-known fact that if a band releases material, then the city they're from will promote the hell out of it. Unfortunately nobody told them about that fact. We spent a good five minutes searching for our own CD, and when we eventually asked where it was, we were told to go look in the pop section. Personally, I'd have been less offended if they'd told us they weren't selling it at all. In our own form of protest, we were about to transfer ourselves over to the metal section, when somebody tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him, and his mouth dropped open in shock. 

"Oh my God... It's you! I saw your video online, is this your band?" I looked at the others and I nodded. "Wow! Have you guys got an album out or something?" I nodded again and showed him the CDs in our hands. He took one from the stack, looked at both the front and back covers and sprinted to the payment desks. When he returned, he blushed deeply and mumbled. "Umm... Do you think you could sign it for me?" We all laughed and agreed. As he started to leave, Sam shouted after him. 

"We're playing a concert on Wednesday if you're interested!" Dave and I laughed at Sam's shameless plug, whereas Paul just stood in silence. Our little display had attracted interest in our CDs, and we were soon gathering our own little crowd. The members of staff must have picked up on this, because our cover of Waking the Demon was soon playing through the store's speakers. Within an hour, all copies of Your Guardian Demons had sold out and, thanks mainly to Sam's lack of shame, we'd sold at least ten tickets. On Tuesday night, I slept soundly with the hope that, maybe this time, our concert wouldn't be our last.

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