chapter fifteen ; everything is not okay...

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february. 2010

For the most part, everything had been going well for Finn. It'd been about a week since Marvin took over Millie's position in the lab. He hadn't talked to Millie since then. In a way he was sort of scared to call her. He had a feeling that he would say the wrong thing.

Even though Finn disliked Marvin, he had to admit that Marvin White was an incredibly smart man and a decent meth cook. That being said, he still wished that Millie was by his side. They'd went through a lot together and it was a shame that they were no longer in a business partnership.

The curly haired boy's father had begun medical treatments and was starting the path to a healthy life. Natalia was still furious with her brother however she was ecstatic that her father was gettin the care that he needed. Finn was also pretty damn happy. The reason he started cooking meth was so that his father could get medical treatments, and it was finally happening.

For the most part, everything had been going well for Finn. That is, until Romeo came up with an idea.

"Babe... How well did you know that Finn guy?" Romeo asked his girlfriend. They'd just finished a nice relaxing dinner and were now lying on the couch watching television. Millie was a bit surprised by her boyfriend's sudden question. He hadn't really asked or said anything about Millie's involvement in the meth industry.

She chuckled. "We were close." She replied in a simple manner.

"I have an idea."

Millie glanced up at Romeo with a confused expression present on her face. "And what is your idea?"

"He blackmailed you. Now it's our turn to blackmail him."


Finn was sitting in his small living room eating breakfast when the phone began to ring. He smiled as he enjoyed getting a telephone call. It was quite boring living alone in a small condo and he didn't get calls very often. His life mainly consisted of cooking meth and watching 'Stranger Things' and 'House Of Cards' on Netflix.

He grabbed the phone off the hook and put it up to his ear. He was preparing to speak but the voice on the other end cut him off.

"Hello, Finn Wolfhard. I want you to listen very carefully." A male voiced stated firmly. Finn's mouth opened a bit. He was shocked, scared, and hoping that it was all just a prank of some sort.

"W-Wh-Wh-Who are y-you?" He retorted while trying to keep calm.

The man on the other line chuckled. "I am Millie's boyfriend."

Finn was getting more confused by the second. He had no idea as to why his former business partner's boyfriend would be contacting him. The whole situation made absolutely no sense.

"You are going to bring Millie and I exactly $100,000. We know that you have that much money, and if we do not receive our cash by sunset, we will report you to the police." Romeo added.

It was at that point when Finn began to internally freak out. He never thought that Millie would be the one to betray him. However he knew that it wasn't Millie's idea. He could tell that she was being blinded by her boyfriend. Even though he'd never met Romeo, Finn already hated his guts.

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