Chapter 17

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Dedicated because I appreciate you still reading and I'm giving you his take on the kiss with this chapter :)

Chapter 17

“Look, I see what you’re saying Holly, I really do. However, this is Quentin Tarantino we’re talking about. It’s a big opportunity for James to be exposed to a whole new genre and fan base,” Tony pressed, condescendingly. Sammie was by his side in a zebra print strapless mini dress and black stilettos, her platinum hair up in a clean bun and a smirk on her face as her husband attempted to put me in my place.

“I’m aware of that, but Satan’s Soldiers will be filming their new season soon. It’s a scheduling conflict,” I stated simply, not wanting to fight with him this soon into the party.

Almost immediately after I found him, Tony had leapt into a big speech about a part that Tarantino mentioned James auditioning for later in the week. He wasn’t even being discreet about it, considering there were tons of eligible actors around looking for such a part that would try to swoop in if they could -not that James should do it anyway- but that was beside the point.

“He just got them six Emmy’s, I think they can shuffle a few things around,” was his cocky reply. He was acting like such a prima donna you’d have thought he won all the awards himself.

I sighed heavily, “It’s not that simple, he has a contract. Also, they won those awards collectively, not just because of him; this is no time for him to be acting like a big shot.”

Clearly you don’t understand how important this is. I’ll make the appointment and let you know when it is, Holly,” he stated, dismissively.

At that point I was pissed. “Look Cordova, there are some things we need to get straight. I may not have been working for James that long, but I know what I’m doing. First off, if he botches a contract he’ll only be screwing himself over. Secondly, he did great at the Emmy’s, yes, and is a phenomenal actor with plenty of heavy titles under his belt. Therefore, if Tarantino -or any other asshole in Hollywood for that matter- wants him to do their movie, they should offer the part, not an audition. His auditioning days were over years ago, that’s a slap in the face.”

Tony’s eyes had turned into small slits, anger clear on his face while Sammie’s eyes had gone wide with shock. I was on the verge of yelling, but held back not wanting to make a scene. My voice became the hushed, yet angry whisper a mom uses on an unruly child in a public place to assert authority without gaining unwanted attention.

Lastly, you haven’t even told James about it. Don’t go making appointments without discussing it with him. He may not like the script or the part or the f**cking scheduling conflict!”

By then the look on Tony’s face was pure hatred. He tended to persuade people into things, but if that didn’t work he would push them, and if that didn’t yield the desired effect he worked hard on intimidation. No one talked to him like that, ever. I could tell it was gonna get heated, but just as he opened his mouth another voice interrupted from behind me.

“Tony! Great to see you!” I’m sure I paled slightly at the words. I refused to turn around in acknowledgment so he came to stand next to Tony, shaking his hand.

Tony’s entire demeanor changed immediately, business and image coming first. I couldn’t decide whether to be thankful or angry at the interruption.

“Paul, how are you?” Tony laid on with a big smile.

“I’m great, you?” I wouldn’t look at him, but from the corner of my eye I noticed he glanced at me quickly before looking back to Tony.

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