“Really?” I could hear the skepticism in my own voice.

“I know, you would think she is but she isn’t. You see, Cindy was really ugly when she was a freshman. And sophomore year,” Bradshaw whistled and shook his head, frowning. “That was just a mess. No one liked her and it’s safe to say her only friends were the janitor and the lunch lady. I knew her back then and she wasn’t so bad. A little shy and timid but overall a nice person. Then over the summer the change happened and she came back junior year looking like walking sex. After a while, the popularity got to her head and she became…that.”

“The change?” I questioned. Bradshaw suddenly looked a little flustered and leaned his hand on the way above my head.

“Yeah, you know. She changed, as in became totally hot.” Bradshaw suddenly smirked and I turned around to see we’d caught Nick’s attention. Let me tell you, his glare is pretty terrifying.

“And she’s not a slut?” I murmured as we both watched Cindy run a hand down Nick’s chest. I held back a triumphant smile when he shoved her hand away.

“All her life, all Cindy has ever wanted was Nick. Even was she was an ugly little no one, she wanted him. When she got pretty and popular, well that just made her pursuit seem reasonable. I mean, no one would question the two of them dating but the nerd and the badass, not happening.”

“But she guys give her the bedroom look all the time.” I furrowed my eyebrows as Lilly and the rest of the gang suddenly appeared at Nick’s side. They all looked angry but if I wasn’t mistaken, their glares were aimed more at Bradshaw.

“Loom around Libby, guys give you the bedroom look every second and you’re not a slut.” Bradshaw winked at me before backing up a few steps, grinning in Nick’s direction. All he received was a glacial scowl. He started to walk away when I called him back.

“Hey, Bradshaw. Why don’t they like you?” I nodded towards the glowering group before looking back at him. He simply grinned like the Cheshire cat before spinning on his heel.

“That’s a story for another time. See you around Libs.” He called over his shoulder.

Libs? Was that supposed to be a nickname?

“You shouldn’t talk to him.” I jumped and slapped a hand to my thundering chest as I glared at Nick. He had his arms crossed and was looking at my with disapproval in his eyes.

“I’ll do what I please thank you.” I glowered. Before, if someone had told me what to do I would do without question. Since leaving my father and finding a new sense of freedom, I’ve felt myself becoming more defiant.

“Libby, he’s right.” Lilly stepped in. She struggled to find the right words as she spoke. “Bradshaw, he’s…he’s no good.”

“Funny, I get the feeling he feels the same way about you guys.” I replied smartly. Lilly glowered while Nick simply glared. I noticed Sasha and Dustin were standing nearby watching silently while Cindy stood poised with a smug expression.

“Seriously Libby, stay away from him.” Nick’s voice was hard and clipped, leaving little room for argument. Before I could reply the bell rang and everyone but Nick rushed off.

“I’ll meet you in the front after school.” Dustin hollered over his shoulder, winking at a brunette that walked by. Nick stiffened and scowled at his friend.

“Why is he meeting you after school?” Was that jealousy I detected in his voice?

“He’s giving me rides since Sasha lives on the next street over. I’m kind of thankful I don’t have to walk home anymore.” Nick frowned before a look of concern crossed his face.

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