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Chapter 11

Libby Ashford


                I raised my eyebrows as Meredith pranced through the classroom door, five minutes late. She handed the teacher a yellow slip and smiled brightly at him. I guess she wasn’t concerned with being late or getting in trouble. She made her way towards the back of the room where I sat and took her seat next to me. She shrugged when she saw my disapproving stare.

                “Sorry I’m late. Nick had said he wanted a word with me so I had to stay while he gave Cindy a piece of his mind. If I actually liked her I would have felt bad for how long Nick yelled at her. But I don’t, so I don’t care.” Meredith explained.

                “Why did he yell at her?” I whispered curiously, mindful of the teacher at the front of the classroom.

                “For what she said to you. I think we were all shocked about Sasha defending you because believe me, she doesn’t ever do that. When she left dragging you behind we all snapped out of it and Nick,” Meredith chuckled and shook her head. “He was mad.”

                “Why?” I asked. Why would he care what she said to me?

                “Why what?” Meredith’s attention span was almost humorous.

                “Why was Nick so mad? He doesn’t even know me.” Meredith was silent as she thought over my words.

                “I don’t know.” She finally admitted.

“Miss. Ashford?  Miss. Marx? Anything you would like to share with the class?” I flushed as the teacher called us out and the rest of the class turned to look at us.

“No sir.” I murmured quietly.

I sat through the next few of my classes puzzling over why Nick would be so angry. I don’t think he particularly likes Cindy but still, to chew someone out for saying a couple of rude comments to a person you barely know seems odd. I would have to ask him about that in Calculus. The good thing about Cindy returning to school was that it seems I was old news and she was front and center. That was fine with me, I was never one for calling attention to myself. Cindy, however, seemed to glow in the spotlight.

“Disgusting isn’t it?” I jumped when I suddenly heard Bradshaw’s voice next to me. He was frowning intently at Cindy as she smiled smugly at the people surrounding her.

“Pardon?” I discreetly stepped away to allow more space between us. Bradshaw nodded towards Cindy with a look that could only be described as hatred.

“Her. It’s disgusting how she thinks she’s the shit and it’s revolting that everyone treats her like she is.” Bradshaw sneered.

“Someone had some serious anger issues.” I muttered under my breath. I watched as Cindy caught sight of Nick across the hall and immediately sauntered his way.

“Funny thing is, she’s not a slut.” Bradshaw motioned towards Cindy. I raised my eyebrows. Sure, Cindy was pretty covered up and wore a decent amount of clothing but still, she got quite a few suggestive looks.

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