Mileven- Dangerous

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Elevens POV

I will never understand how any of my friends enjoy school, it's a horrible place to be.
How can anyone enjoy being trapped in a place full of two faced bitches and boys that just want to get laid, it's torturous and I'd rather spend my days locked in that fucking cabin than deal with the shit school supplies.

It's not the classes that get on my tits because I can do that shit, it's the people. They are mean and judgemental, I really just want to punch them all in the face but as Mike and Max have told me numerous times that is not how you react, but fuck I want too.
I swear if they keep saying shit about me or my friends I'm going to lose it and so what if I have to suffer the consequences, it'll be worth it.

"Excited for school El?" Lucas asks as he walks hand in hand with Max through the school gate

"Have you met me" I reply with obvious distaste, my hand linked with Mikes

"Just keep your cool" Max replies with a shrug

"Easy for you to say" I retort with a roll of my eyes, joining with Dustin and Will at their lockers

"Just breathe" Mike says, trying his best to comfort me but how can you in this situation

"You would think this gang of losers would've gotten the memo by now" Ashley says walking past with her brain dead boyfriend, their friends following behind them.
She's the head of the rain of terror that is cast upon my friend and I.

"What memo would that be" I retort quickly before even registering the words coming out of my mouth. Mikes grip on my hand tightened, trying to pull me back into calmness

"That you and your gang of freaks aren't welcome here" she smirks, I loosen Mikes grip on my hand and step forward dangerously close to her face

"I wouldn't go there" I say, anger flowing through my veins

"What are you gonna do about it, beat me down with some science shit"

"If you say one more thing about me or my friends, I will end you" I whisper at her dangerously, causing her to physically gulp and grab onto her boyfriend before slowly moving away

"What did you say to them?!" Will asks with a look of shock plastered on his face

"It doesn't matter, let's go before we are late" I shrug before walking towards my locker to get my books for class


The next three days go by smoothly and Friday has been much anticipated, as it is every week but without the teasing it isn't as much of an escape.
I've been constantly pestered to spill on what I said to make her back off but I've only confided in Mike and he's sworn to secrecy.

"Thank god for lunch" Dustin cheers as we walk into the cafeteria, going towards are usual table

"Oops" I hear a girl say in a shrill voice before the loud shriek of Max follows and I whip around to see Beth, Ashley's best friend with a now empty tray standing next to a now covered in food Max

"The fuck" Lucas says, pulling Max away from the forming crowd and I can feel anger pulsing through my veins. Ashley standing behind Beth laughing wildly and encouraging everyone else to do the same.

I grab a bowl of disgustingly made lasagna from a stranger tray and launch it at Beth's face, landing directly on her before dripping down onto her t-shirt.
A loud shriek fills the cafeteria and Ashley's eyes are drawn to mine a menacing look on her face before her boyfriend Travis moves to tip a tray of food onto me which I easily dodge with the sinister help of my powers.

"I told you to back the fuck off" I say stepping toward Ashley dangerously, the anger in my eyes obviously clear as she recoils.

"You and your freaks deserve it" she says but it's clears she's intimidated

"You are a disgusting, horrible, loathsome little cockroach and you deserve to be squashed. You don't get to go around terrorising people just because you are some dumb bitch that won't ever accomplish anything" I say with venom lacing my every word
"You don't deserve friends, even if I wouldn't classify these people as such. I hope you get every ounce of Karma that you deserve for every evil thing you have said to my friends and I"

With that I deliver a hard backhand to the side of her face, the sound echoing through the now silent cafeteria and I step back as Will dumps a whole tray of beans over her and Travis' heads.

"Go fuck yourself you psycho bitch" I say.
Before anyone could react I'm being whisked into the principals office and suspended for my actions, if only he knew that this a fucking miracle.


"What happened in there" Mike says as I leave the office after last class, lacing his fingers with mine

"Three day suspension" I shrug

"What! Hoppers going to have a field day with that one, probably send you to spend the days in the cabin"

"I'd rather that than be here" I say, squeezing his hand

"I wish you liked school"

"Maybe I will now that Ashley got what was coming to her" I laugh

"I hope so because I want to spend all day everyday with you and now you're suspended and definitely grounded I won't see you"

"I'll just sneak out and climb through your window" I says as we stop at my locker

"What if you get caught?" Mike asks with concern

"Your worth every ounce of risk" I smile before turning to look at him, wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him in for a soft and sweet kiss

"Your such a badass" he chuckles as I turn back to retrieve my bag from my locker

"I learnt from the best" I smirk as we hold hands again and make our way out of the school

"There is no way you learnt that from me" he laughs

"I was taking about me, I'm my own badass inspiration" I giggle

"Right how could I forget that you are my inspiration too"

"Shameful babe" I smile with a laugh as we leave the school together, completely immersed in each other. Absolutely head over heals in love

i really miss her and i want her to come back but she's not going too and i can't ever come to terms with that, i'm forgetting her and it's heartbreaking.
i can't even remember her voice 💔
i hope I'm doing you proud mama 😇❤️😪

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