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I walk into the warehouse exhausted from my date (not my choice of words, his) with Sunwoo.

Woojin shuffled along the sofa to make room for me and I sat down on the arm of the sofa next to him.

"How was your date with Sunwoo?" Seungmin teased and I sighed in annoyance.

"That bad huh" Chan smirked but I saw a genuine smile break through for a few seconds.

"No it wasn't bad. It was lovely in fact. He was nothing but a gentle man. But I.." I started

"You what?" Jeongin asked.

"I dunno. I just can't see myself falling in love with him."

"Well you don't have to love him do you. You don't have a choice" Felix says whilst tinkering with a circuit board.

"But I feel like I should be able to force these feelings. I'm going to spend the rest of my crappy life in the hell hole with him" I say frustrated and huff in annoyance.

"Let's run away" Chan says and we all turn to look at him.


"Are you insane?"

"Where the other side of the city?"

Everyone erupted into debate but Jeongin stood spectating and caught my eye.

While the others were 'discussing' I walked over and pulled his sleeve.

"You okay?" I ask and he shakes his head.

I grab his hand and pull him to the other side of the warehouse. He walked dragging his feet and left his head low.

"What's wrong?" I ask placing my hands on his shoulders.

"I miss my family" he chokes on his words and tears begin cascading down his face.

I hug him and he holds onto me for support. His tears were those that have been held inside for awhile. I could tell.

"You guys seem to be moving on with your lives and I have to hide in here because my family have been accused of something when they haven't done anything wrong" he continued to sob onto my shoulder and I rubbed my hand up and down his back.

"It's okay they'll be out soon don't worry" I say and he sniffs and slowly calms down.

Changbin comes over and I signal for him to walk away with one of my hands and he makes an O shape with his mouth before walking away.

"Listen I'm not making any promises but now that I know Sunwoo and I have an insight into the government. I can try to find out what's happening with your family and how long it will be until they're released." I say and place my hands on his shoulders.

"Thank you" he smiles in gratitude " do you think Chan was serious about running away?" He asks as we make our way back over to the others.

"I think we all want to run away but it's just too impossible" I sigh and we see Chan is stood up explaining something to the group.

"What's the plan" I ask sitting back down where I was before.

"We drive a bus into the barrier" Chan says eyes wide and hands creating a picture and we all fall silent.

"You want US to drive a METAL bus into an ELECTRICAL defensive dome" Felix says and laughs.

"No obviously we'd get Ash to turn the power of for a hour or so. Give us enough time to get out. The barrier is already weak. We'll be able to do it." He says eagerly.

"How on earth would I turn it off" I say confused.

"You ask Sunwoo. I saw how he looked at you earlier when you were walking around. He's already fallen for you. Use that to our advantage." Chan says

"You want her to exploit his feelings for her?" Seungmin asks confused.

"Exactly" chan says and we all stare and eachother for a bit.

"I'm in. But as long as we can get Jeongin out too" Minho says and we're all in shock.

"Okay day we do get out and we're in our little bus driving in the outside world spotting a few drifters on our way. How do we eat? Where do we sleep? Where do we get clean water? How do we not get infected?" Hyunjin bombards Chan.

"I don't know" chan replies simply.

"Well then it's settled we're not going" Hyunjin says sitting down and lazily grabbing a book.

"I'll figure it out. But I won't let us stay here and become mindless robots. I won't let you all settle with your mediocre jobs and I won't let Ash marry Sunwoo. We have to get out. Live our own lives. Start our own district. District 9"

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