Allison's POV

"Interview time!!!!!" I chimed into Zayn's ear at about 4 in the morning.

"aojdnfhcriksjrjd" he grumbled along with more colorful words under his breathe.

I started making my way to the end of his bed and started pulling at his ankles. He wouldn't budge because he had a tight grip on headboard.


"Language!" Chloe warned me.

"Fine!!! ZAYN STOP BEING A JACKBUTT!!" I rephrased.

"Let me sleep!!!!! It's our day off before the concert!" he pleaded. I finally gave up on pulling him by the ankles and made my way to his torso. I took off his blanket and started poking his bare abs.

"Stop, it tickles!" he started to laugh even more now.

"Not until you get up! We need the up close and personal chapter for the book."

He just kept laughing and soon started to tickle my stomach. Before you could say 'zap' it was a full blown tickled war. He finally grabbed me by the waist and pulled me on the bed so I was on top of him. He sat up and started tickling me even more until tears were flowing through my eyes. I started flapping my hands around like a baby.

"That will teach you better than to wake me up at" he looked at the clock as he stopped tickling me" 4 in the freaking morning!!!!"

"Well you have a signing tomorrow so the only time we have is now!" I said and he gave a -are you dumb- look.

"Do you realize that there are more hours in the day!" he shouted.

"The boys said they had something fun planned for the rest of the day." I said innocently.

"Gahh!" he yelled getting back under the covers.

"You don't get up, I will use your comb in Harry's hair." I threatened.

"I'm up!" he said sitting back up quickly causing me to fall off the bed flat on my face.

"Sorry to correct you, but the way this works is that you're suppose to be on top of Zayn." Louis said peering into the door and I gave him daggers."What? Oh and Chloster want you."

"Chloster?" I asked getting up and narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yep! That's my new nicky name for her! You're Alligator!"

"Very creative Louis- sen!" I said giving him a bow like a samurai.

"Cute... Now Chloster need you!" he said coming in and slinging me over his shoulder and running with me. I kept hitting my head on his bum but I wasn't complaining.

Chloe's POV

"Louis, how do you have so much energy at this ungodly hour even after you carried Alli all the way here?" I asked. It was like this boy was a freakin energizer bunny that just keeps going and going.

"Extra pickle in my tea!" he said a cheery.

"WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE WE DOING AT 4:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!" Harry complained. He walked in only with a blanket on.

"One- please tell me you have clothes under there and two- we have to get our up close and personal chapter before we do anything else." I answered.

"One- you wanna check" he winked and I cringed in disgust" two- that doesn't mean we have to wake up this early. I mean, THE SUN ISN'T EVEN UP YET and three- why are we answering in test format." he said. Sometimes Harry really did over think things.

"We must do the up close and personal chapter so get your arses in gear!!!" I shouted even though they were already quiet." Who's up first?"

"I'll go!" Niall and Liam said simultaneously.

"I'll take Liam, you take nialler?" I asked Allison and she nodded. Liam and I went into his room .

"Okay, so basically, just tell me the most important parts of your past that you believe have had a great impact on your life today?" I asked taking my laptop to type it down.

"I guess, since I was little one, I was an outsider.... And individual.... The other kids would taunt me about everything I did, especially singing.... Every day for the first couple of years,I wouldn't cry... That was until I found singing..I took all the emotions I felt from all those years of being hated by others and put it and my heart into my singing.... Trying out for XFactor for the first time as nerve wrecking..... After being rejected to do live shows I was devastated..... After that I put myself down until I realized all things have a reason and so I tried again..... And I was right..... Even after all the pain I've gone through all my life....I'm happy it happened, because without my past, I wouldn't have this lovely and bloody fantastic future with my boys... Even til this day, I still thank everyone who hurt me, because it pushed me to do my best and made me stronger.." it seemed like he was about to cry... I got up and gave him a hug. He gave me a smile and then let Harry come in.

Allison's POV

"Okie dokie Nialler, give me the moments in your past that you feel helped lead to your life now?" I asked.

"I think it's the moment Greg suggested to me to audition for XFactor...... I've sang before, being cocky at karaoke clubs and school performances..... Since I was young, singing was my life, singing was who I was and still am. I knew I couldn't make it though so with getting through to the auditions was the most spectacular moment of my life... It gave me hope that I could live my dreams... And now I'm living my dream and more.... I have friends and not ones that are forced to like me but who truly understand and actually are able to put up with me.... I seriously have the luck of the Irish. Though there is still hate to this very day, and probably even more in the future, knowing the lads are there along with our fans, I will never think that dreams are impossible again... So my life now, is sort of because of everyone who has come and joined me on this journey." he said smiling.

"Wow.....just, wow." I was speechless.

"Chloe's POV

"Ready Haz?" I asked.

"Fire away!" he said sitting down.

"Tell me moments of your past that you think led to your journey of your life today."

"Well, my past was sort of normal.... My parents were divorced when I was 5 and then my mom got remarried... Sometimes I used to think it was all my fault that they split up. After the split, I sort of turned to music as an outlet of emotions... I was always the heartbreaker to others and so every time I tried to get into something real, people would reject me... I would start singing out the pain and everything around me would disappear. So joining White Eskimo gave me some confidence and the support of my family is what made me want to go XFactor..... I only went to get an honest opinion and I never imagined my life would become a dream come true." he said. "I still can't believe that I am so blessed to have the life I have with the most wonderful people on this planet......"

Part 2 will be up soon!

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