Tsubasa Tenshi

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Reiko's POV


"Sorry Kid But They  don't make it"  the fire man said

"No that's not true"a little girl said.                                             



Hi my name is Reiko Sawashiro, ! am second year student and 14 years old,I live in my apartment.

"Oh no I'm gonna be late for class!"Reiko Said  then run quikly.

While running someone shouted "Good Morning!"a guy said

By the way this is Yukiteru Nishikawa ,We're just in same school and same section,He is my enemy and i don't know why he likes being around me,to annoy me i guess? anyway,we always fight,that's why his fangirls hates me

"Good Morning,Yukiteru"-Me

"You are still jealous of me don't you"Yukiteru said with a annoying face

"Jealous of what?"-I asked

"Don't play dumb reiko you're jealous because i'm popular than you."Yukiteru said with a arrogant voice

 "I am not Jealous!Why the heck will i be jealous to a boy like you?Small,Uncute and not-so-popular"-Me  

"I-i am not small,uncute and not-so-popular!! look Reiko I am taller than you,and lots of girls likes me hah"-Yukiteru

"Yeah yeah,you're the one to talk"-Me

*Then the bell rings*                                                                                                                                              ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*In Class*

"I thought you two will gonna be late"-a boy said                                                                                           Oh I almost forgot this Okumura Hirohito,Opposite tendency of Yukiteru.

"Sorry about that"-Me and Yukiteru

"It's ok,but next time wake up early,or else you two will be late"-Okumura

"Yes.....Sir??"-Me and Yukiteru

Then teacher entered the classroom  

 "Ok class we have a new transfer student"-Ms.Sawada said

Then someone entered in our classroom.      

"Hi.My name is Ryouko Akashino" Ryouko said

That name....sounds familiar,i think i've already met her?? maybe? 

"Hey Yukiteru,She looks familiar to me,Do you know who she is?"-Me

"Heh,I don't know,don't ask me stuffs when I'm thinking"-Yukiteru

"Oh you were? I am very sorry sir,i didn't meant to disturb you"-I said while making faces

"Shh be Quiet!"-Yukiteru

"Tssk,I can't believe myself for asking a Jerk"-Me

To be continued~


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