Chapter 7

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Third pov
Normani sat slumped back on the couch with her head in her hands. She had been contemplating going upstairs with Lauren. She wanted to give her a chance to cool off.

Should she had just kept her suspicions to herself and not have burdened her with this thought.

It was to late to regret anything now. It has already been said.

The woman lets out a sigh then walks upstairs to go to bed. She stopped into Dinah's room to make sure she was okay.

She chuckled slightly at how her blankets were all thrown about and werent even covering her. Normani walked into the room and pulled blankets back over the child then placed a kiss her her cheek and walked out the room.

She then stopped by where Camila slept. She also found Lauren in the room fast asleep with Camila cuddled into her. She coo'd then went to her own room.

~the next morning~

When Lauren woke up she found Camila sleeping closely by her side with her binky bobbing up and down in her mouth."Aww." She whispers and pushing Camila's baby hairs away from her face.

Lauren began to remember why she was in the child's room in the first place. First she remembered Camila's painful cries and screams when she had woken up in the middle of the night and had not wanted the woman to leave her.

Then she remembered what Normani had said. Her face saddened at the thought.She should not have reacted that way towards Normani she was only looking out for Camila and stating her suspicions.

The older woman was brought out of her thoughts by Camila begining to move back and forth next to her. The child's peaceful face had turned into one of fear and pain.

"No no Daddy! I sorry I sorry!" Camila cried out in her sleep. She thrashed around in her sleep.

"Its only a dream baby wake up." Lauren said shaking awake the young child. Camila shot up into sitting position and looked around the room frantically as if she was expecting the man in her dream to be there.

When Camila caught sight of Lauren she began to start backing away."No no." She cried pressing herself against the headboard. She covered her ears with her hands as she cried.

"What's wrong baby it only me. No need to be scared." Lauren said reaching out to touch the girl but she shyed away.

That hurt Lauren deeply. They were just starting to get somewhere with Camila. She thought that the 4 year old had begun to form a bond with them.

"What's wrong sweetheat? Was it your dream baby? Its okay your daddy's not here he can't hurt you anymore." Lauren said in a gentle voice. The child refused to look at Lauren in her eyes.

"Tell me what's wrong. I won't get mad at you baby I promise." Lauren said to the distress child.

"Y-you let him take me. Y-you no want me." Camila cried tearfully.

"No no no baby we would never ever let him take you from us. I can promise you that." Lauren told the girl sincerely. Camila finally looked up to meet Lauren's bright green eyes.

Camila's lip quieted as she stared at the woman then flew into her arms. Lauren wrapped her arms tightly around the small child. The cries broke Lauren's heart. Just the thought of her letting someone take Camila hurt her.

After a while Camila finally began to calm down. Camila now lay contently on Lauren's chest with her thumb placed in her mouth. Lauren ran her fingers through Camila's brown locks soothingly.

A questions ran through Laurens head as she sat there with Camila. She was waiting for the right time to ask them but she just had to get answers.

"Camila do you want to tell me what got you so upset yesterday?" Lauren asked and she felt Camila tense up again."Bad." This was all Camila said as she clung even closer to Lauren. This vauge answer gave Lauren an uneasy feeling.

"What was bad baby? Can you tell me?" Lauren asked still trying to pull answers from her."I can't tell. He be mad." Camila cried.

"Baby he can't be mad at you. He isn't here to even be mad at you."

"H-he was here. Daddy was here." Camila cried. Lauren sat in shock. Normani had been right.

A single tear fell down Lauren's face. How could she have been so blind. All the signs had been there."D-do you you mean my Father who was over here yesterday is also...your daddy?" Lauren asked. She needed to hear it from Camila.

The child nodded as tears flowed from her eyes. A strong feeling of melancholy washed over the older woman. Lauren tightened her hold on the child.

"Its gonna be okay baby I'm gonna get to the bottom of this okay?"

"Dont let him get me again Lolo."

"I won't, I'm gonna get him before he can ever get to you again. Its all going to be okay."

Lauren ran her fingers through the child's hair in an attempt to calm her down.

"Babe? Is everything alright?" Normani asked timidly as she peeked into the room to find Lauren holding a crying Camila close in her arms with tears in her own eyes as well.

"Hey what's wrong?" Normani asked concerned when she saw the state of the two.

She crouched down by the bed."I'm sorry I'm so sorry. You were right all along. I should have listened to you." Lauren cried to her wife.

"Hey hey hey I was right about what?" She asked as she pushed a loose strand of hair behind Lauren's ear.

"About my dad. I knew I should have listened to you instead of getting mad about it." Lauren cries as she wipes her tears from her face.

"Its okay babe I don't blame you it was a lot to take in at once. But its okay because we're gonna get this all sorted out."

"He needs to be put in jail for what he has done." Lauren sneered through her teeth. The sadness being quickly replaced by anger.

This man was not her father.

So normani was right. Sorry if my book is moving kinda fast pace but I want to hurry and get to the good parts I have planned. Please please tell me what you think I love reading the comments.

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