part 6

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"I'll go get her." Shiro said with a sigh before leaving the room. Keith kelt his head down and briskly walked over to his seat, sitting down hastily and forcing himself not to look at the vacant seat beside him. His seat.

Shiro returned shortly afterwards with Pidge by his side, dark bags circled her eyes and she yawned, stiff and tired. Keith grimaced at her scruffy appearance then wondered if he looked similar. Probably.

Dinner was a silent uncomfortable period of time as everyone had somewhere else they'd rather be.

Allura took a deep breath and stood up, eyeing each of us dismissively. "Listen, I know it's difficult but we're going to have to move forward. Sulking like this isn't going to help anyone." At that Keith slammed his hands onto the table, a few people jumping as his patience finally snapped.

"How can you say that! Lance is still with Lotor and we need to save him. We can't just 'move on' and forget about him." He was seething in anger by now and Allura gasped at his outburst. "Lance is probably dead already! We need to find a new palladin to pilot the blue lion." Allura was dismissing the idea of Lance being alive not because she didn't care, it was the opposite in fact. She pushed him out of her mind so it wouldn't hurt as much. She had already lost so many others she cared about. Keith didn't see it that way however.

The messy haired boy stood up violently, chair crashing to the floor in the process. "Don't you dare say that! Lance is alive and I won't stop searching until I find him. He wouldn't give up on us so I won't give up on him!" He spat out, voice like venom as he stood up with rage and angrily stormed out the room, leaving his gob-smacked teammates behind.

Lance woke up in a daze, reaching to his side to pull his bed covers back on when he realised it wasn't there, grasping the air pathetically. The memories of the previous day flooded back to him and he stood up quickly, surprised when there was no pain. He searched his body franticly, eyes widening in surprise when he didn't see any wounds. Only slight scars littering his arm.

How did they heal this quickly? It hit him suddenly and he realised. The quintessence, it healed his body. "Surpried? That's cute." Lance scrambled to the nearest wall away from Lotor who had just arrived outside his cell.

"I couldn't let my pet bleed to death. That would just be inconvenient." He added, after noticing Lance's confusion as to why Lotor bothered to heal him. The door was opened and Lotor strolled in, grabbing Lance by the wrist harshly and putting a shackle on it, holding the other end of the chain and tugging on it lightly. "Lets go, if you're a good boy I'll give you some food later."

Lance glared at him but followed anyway, the grumble in his stomach making him feel more complient. They passed dark purple hallways until they reached what looked like Lotors personal room. Lance payed close attention to his surroundings and the room. A wooden carved double bed laid in the middle of the room neatly, decorated with swirls and designs on the base of the bed.

Mountains of pillows adorned the velvet bedding and Lance had to shut his open mouth. The delicate tables and simplistic yet effective designs didn't feel like a Galra styled bedroom but rather reminded him of a more Altean decor. In conclusion, the room was perfect for a narcissist like Lotor. You could tell because of the large amount of mirrors.

The man walked over and sat on the bed sloppily, not caring about the sudden chaos of disorganization he created.

One harsh pull on the chain was enough to have Lance stumbling onto the bed, nervousness and apprehension making him feel vulnerable. Lance refused to show that though. He was after all, the right leg of Voltron.

He scowled straight at his captor and struggled as he was forcefully pushed against the bed, one sturdy hand pinning both of his above his head.

Lotor looked down on the smaller boy lustfully, bending down to suck and nibble at his exposed neck forcefully, leaving bite marks and making Lance feel nauseous and violated. Lotors lips crashed against his and he pursed them shut in disgust, thrashing around stubbornly.

Lotor growled and dug his hands into Lance's soft wrists making him gasp and giving Lotor enough time to slip his toung in, Lance didn't bite down in fear of angering him, he was in a helpless situation after all.

This didn't stop him from tilting his head away though. Lance fought back the whimpers and prayed for his agony to end as things began to escalate. Let's just say that the night was a long and painful one.

"God damn it, where is he!?" Pidge yelled at her computer screen then rubbed her eyes, frustrated and tired. "Go to bed Pidge." This was Keith's firsts words since his outburst but then again, no one else had said much either.

An uncomfortable, depressing silence looming over everyone like a grey cloud. "I can't." She stressed on that word as her eyes darted back to the computer screen, continuing to run the code in hopes of finding the blue lions signal. 

She almost screamed in frustration when a red light flashed on the screen and Keith clicked his tong, turning ulruptly and storming out the room. Being in there without Lance's light hearted jokes was unbearable and he was beginning to feel hot and bothered.

Shiro put a hand on his shoulder before he could escape and looked around the room. "Maybe we should all take a break? We can't look for him if we're too tired to do anything. There's no use stressing so let's just take a small break." Though Pidge looked like she wanted to disagree she still nodded her head eventually, shutting her laptop off and standing up before stretching.

"You're right, I've got some serious cramps. I'm going to go take a nap. C'ya soon." She left the room and Shiro let go of Keith's shoulder before leaving as well.

The walls seemed blank and dull, casting eerie shadows into the floor. When had everything been so creepy?

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