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The whole day was fairly uneventful and the two boys are now at Mitch's house, playing with Occhi in the back yard.

"Vieni qui, Occhi!" Mitch calls, the dog coming up to him to drop the tennis ball in his hand. Mitch hands it to Scott, who then throws it for Occhi to fetch. She comes back and lays down, rolling onto her back.

"What's she doing?" Mitch looks at Scott.

"She wants a belly rub, she's right in front of you." Mitch kneels down and pets Occhi. Occhi is a chocolate lab and is 3 years old, she's been with Mitch for about a year and a half now.

"Let's go to Starbucks." Mitch suggests.

"It's 4:30, though."

"It's never too late for coffee. Ooh, and we can invite Todrick, Kirstie, Avi, and Kevin."

"Would your parents be okay with that?" Scott asks as they go inside to get ready for Starbucks.

"Yeah, they told me that I can invite them over." Mitch explains as he puts the harness on Occhi.

"Okay, I'll text them to come over when we get back." They leave the house and walk to Starbucks.

"I'm sorry, we don't allow dogs in here." A barista tells Mitch when they walk in. Mitch holds himself back from rolling his eyes.

"She's my guide dog."

"You don't look blind."

"You don't look like anything."

"That's kinda rude." She points out.

"I'm blind."

"Again, you don't look blind."

"I don't have the time or patience for this. Can I order my drink or not?" She takes their orders and they get it within a few minutes before they leave.

"Shit, which way did we come from?" Scott asks.

"How the hell would I know that? Occhi, home." Occhi instantly starts leading them to Mitch's house, where they sit on the couch while they wait for the others to show up.


It's now around 7:15 and they're all sitting on the floor playing truth or dare.

"Scott, truth or dare?" Kevin asks.

"I'm gonna be boring and say truth."

"I'll start off easy, what's your favorite thing to do?

"Mitch." He laughs when Mitch slaps his arm.

"Jesus, Scott." Mitch hides his face in his hands as his cheeks turns pink.

"Mitch, truth or dare?" Kirstie asks once they calm down.


"I dare you to not make any physical contact with Scott for the rest of the game." Mitch groans and withdrawals himself from Scott's warmth.

"Can he touch me?" Kirstie thinks about it for a few seconds before saying yes. Scott pulls Mitch back into his side.

"Av, truth or dare?" Scott turns to Avi.


"I dare you to see how many push ups you can do with Kirstie on your back."

"How strong do you think I am? I mean, she's tiny but I doubt I can do push ups if she's on me."

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