Chapter 2: Secret...saved!

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            (A/N:  I don't know Uta no Prince-sama or the vocaloid songs, or the voice.  I'm just borrowing their songs so you can hear Megumi/Nato's voice, on what she sounds like.
Actually she has a wide vocal range, btw, I just own my OC!  The one in the youtube link is Senbonzakura.  )

           ೋღ♥ MEGUMI'S P.O.V ೋღ♥

           Ichinose-san knew that I was a girl, I panicked that I punched him hard at the head, that he fainted.  "Waaahhhh!!  What should I do???!!!  ಠ╭╮ಠ"  I put back my wig and got it from Ichinose's hand.  

          I carried him using my back, and walked out of the empty room and a teacher used our pathway to walk here.  Kyaaa!  What should I do??!!!   I laid down at the floor, and I made Ichinose lay down at the floor too, then the teacher went here and asked, "What are you both doing here?"  She asked.  "Ummm, he accidentally punched himself."  I explained to the teacher.  "Then why are you lying down with him too?"  She asked.

"So everyone can think that we're just chillin'."  I told her.  "Well then, have a nice day at detention.."  She told us.  (...................)  Uhhh~  I wish Syo will be in detention too..  Wahahhahhahaahhaa!!!  



              We were both at detention, "We're very sorry."  I apologized and Ichinose-san didn't speak.  "Hmmm, I'll give you a chance for today, Mr. Akiyama and you too, Mr. Ichinose."  The teacher told us.  I sighed of relief,

           "Thank you very much!!!"  I thanked him and shaked hands with him, I kept shaking and shaking his hand because i was relieved.  "Ummm, Mr. Akiyama, can you please stop shaking my hand?"  He asked.

             "O-oh!  Sure~!!!"  I scratched my head and laughed.  We both went out, and I took the different way while he took the other way.......  Wait, my dorm is at other side.  

             I walked back, and he passed by me again, "I took the wrong way, because of you.  It's all your fault!"  Ichinose-san whispered-shouted to me in the hall way.  "Well, I hate you too~!!"  I whispered-shouted to him too, and we both sticked our hands out.  Then we hated eachother at the end of the day, I walked back to my dorm but I bumped at someone, a girl.  However, we both fell down, "I-itte~"  I rubbed my butt.  

           My butt!  It hurts!  Stupid floor!  I hate you......and Ichinose!!   "Excuse me?  But are you alright?"  A girl with yellowish-orange-brownish eyes, (Don't care of eye color!)  asked me.  

          "A-ah!  Yeah!"  I stood up and took the dirt of my clothes.  "Yo-you're Akiyama Naoto from America, right?"  She asked me.  "Ye-yeah!"  I told her.  I guess she's a fan, huh?  Well,  I need to act like a boy!!  

            "O-oh yeah, what's your name?"  I asked.  "Nanami Haruka."  She told me.  "Ah~  So cute.  I'm Me-AKIYAMA NAOTO!!"  I almost told her my real name.  She laughed, "Don't worry, I know you already."  She told me then Syo was at the back walking the other way, "Ah!  Gotta go!..........SYOOOOOOO!!!!!!"  I sprinted to him and gave him a bear hug.  

            "Wwwwwwwwww........"  I hugged him hard and I rubbed my cheek to his cheek, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!???  AFFECTION ISN'T ALLOWED HERE!!!  AND YOU'RE BREAKING THE GENDER WALL??!!!"  He shouted.  "Eehhhh~  But I just want a hug...Wwwwwwwwwww..."  I blushed...Wwwww...  

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