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12:00 am

I felt the bed dip down and someone climbs on top of me. I groaned and Turned over. 

"Tye, baby I'm not in the mood." She slapped me across the face. "I knew you and that bitch was doing some freak shit." 

I Sat up and looked over to see Nijhay. 

"How you got in here girl?" She held up a key. I sighed. "Don't change the subject. You and that bitch been fucking."  

I got out the bed. "Okay First of all, 'That Bitch' Could mean anybody." She stood up as well. "That Tyler bitch" I laughed. 

"Okay, that 'Tyler' bitch Is actually my BEST FRIEND. And that's not even her name AND you Will NOT call her out her name.

 Only I can do that. Anyway. Tye and I have not been fucking around And you're dismissed. I have no time for your drama."

"Daddy I'm Home" I looked out the window and saw Tye's car. "Speak of the Devil." Jay Ran out the door and down the stairs. "TAYZIA JAY IS COMING!" I yelled and ran after Jay. 

By the time I got downstairs, Jay was o the floor and Tye was on top of her. I saw vee in the corner staring. 

I got Tye off of Jay and picked Jay up. "Jay you gotta stop." She looked at me. "I gotta stop? You fucking this bitch." Vee walked up to her. 

"Lil mama you gotta bounce You disrespecting my fam. You can't be here no more." She looked at Tye then at me. 

"We're over!" She walked out the door and Tye ran to the door. "IT'S OKAY BITCH CAUSE SHE LIKES MY PUSSY BETTER ANYWAY. DRY PUSSY ASS BITCH" 

I shook my head and closed the door. "Baby calm down" I kissed her lips. She kissed me back. "I'm tired of that hoe." Vee Interrupted. 

"Sorry but before Y'all fuck...again. I need help Zee" I scratched my head. "Wassup what's happening... Sis who I gotta fuck up. Actually, Now That I'm thinking about it. Why the hell were you with Tye?" 

Tye looked at me. "Baby She came to my job." I mugged Vee. "No wonder why it was too quiet. I told ya little ass to Sleep in her room and wait."



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