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jazmine pov

1 week later

yes i am talking back to kentrell but he starting to get irratating and clingy like dont you got a bitch to cling on to instead ofme like im tired of him so guess what the fuck im about to do, im finna call up his lil bitch janice,janiyah what ever the bitch name is and tell her to come get her man cause im tired of him so while he was sleep i dialed her phone number in my phone and called he

n=jania                                                                                                                                                                                        j=jazmine

j: hello

n: hello and who dis

j: kentrell bestfriend please come get yo nigga outta my house im tired of him

n: where he at now?

j: sleep damn just come get him 

n:why the fuck is he with you when he supposed to be with me!

j: woah dont get loud lil bitch just come get your nigga


j: well little bitty bitch im tired of you and your shanaigans and your dumbass know im still gone be around his lil dent head ass so you either come get this nigga or his lil ugly ass staying so now lil bitch why you over here making threats i hope yo hands can back that lil dick sucking mouth you got now bring your ass so yo lil ugly ass can catch this fade and get your nigga outta my fucking bed so i can have it to my damn self.

n: ok bitch whats the address

j: look little whore im tired of you calling me a bitch so you really gone catch this fade when yo ass come so hurry yo ass up and come to 129 dr king oak street 

*end of conversation

" yo kentrell get yo ass up" i said shaking him "what" he said in a raspy tone " your bitch coming over here" as soon as i said that his as popped up like he was scared or some shit and mugged the shit outta me and said "how the fuck you get her phone number" he asked "your phone number dumbass" i said sitting back on my phone "why the fuck you call her?" he sked getting mad "cause im tired of yo lil ass being under me" i said that and as soon as i said that shit i heard banging on the door " OPEN THIS DOOR YOU THOT" when i tell you i ran down them stairssfast and i already had my fighting clothes on and my hair in a bun bitch i was ready.

As soon as i opened that door i just started sending blows to her face and i never liked that bitch i knew her since grade school and she did one dirty thing and now i hate that bitch but its gone me another time for that shit. I kicked her ass in the nose, puched her everywhere on her face,hulk slammed ha ass, and finally dragged her she had hold of my hair and somebody had me in their arms so i took that chance and grabbed her hair pulled her to me and kicked her ass i in the face so she then finally let go of my hair.

i looked around and it was a big ass crowd formed with they phones out and the gang except kentrell with they phones out recording. "THATS WHY YO BROTHER GOT FUCK 5  SHOTS IN HIM AND 6 FEET UNDER YOU DUMB BITCH" she said on the ground holding her leaking nose and thats when i lost it i punched who ever had me in the face and ran over there to her and started banging her head on the ground then started punching her in the face " YO GET HER OFF HA OR SHE GONE KILL HER ASS" somebody said when they said that somebody got me off her and when i had the chance i kicked her in the face and made her black out "THATS WHAT THE FUCK YOU GET STOP SPEAKING ON MY BROTHER YOU FAUL DIRTY ASS HOE" i said pushing who ever was on me and i looked back to see kentrell going to help her up" AWE SO I GUESS YOU THINK ITS OK TO GO HELP THE BITCH AFTER SHE WAS TALKING BOUT MY FUCKING BROTHER" i yelled in kentrell face "gone with that shit mane" he mumbled "NAW YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU KENTRELL YOU JUST GONE LET THAT BITCH SAY THAT YOU KNOW WHAT KENTRELL FUCK YOU YALL BOTH SOME DUMB ASS BITCHES KENTRELL DONT FUCKING COME TO ME NO MORE YO ASS DEAD TO ME" i yelled walking off.

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