chapter 2: recording studio

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"This is some kick ass equipment" you said while exploring the recording studio.

"We all bought our own instrument's" Andy added.

You started checking out Andy's microphone,  you turned it on and sang into it.

"HELLO!" you sang down the mic causing Andy to laugh and smile

"what?" You chuckled

"You busted my ear" Andy joked

"Ear plugs ARE a thing Andy" you joked back, this encounter felt.. flirtatious.

Andy shrugged

"I guess"

You smiled and looked at the floor Jake then walked in causing you both to jump, he handed you your water.

"So I see you showed her our studio" Jake asked

"It's awesome Jake" you smiled

Jake smiled back and winked at Andy as he left you both alone, you started sipping your water.

"Do you like the recording studio?" Andy asked

"I love it"

"Maybe I could take you out sometime to our other meet up places"

You gazed at him unravelling his words, was this.. him asking me on a date? I'm assuming from the tattoo he is a taken man but.. I dunno.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" you asked curiously

"(Y/N)... I" Andy's words trailed off leaving you in suspense

"I have a girlfriend" Andy's words made your cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

"(Y/N) i'm sorry"

"No, no it's fine but I kinda knew, judging from your tattoo. SHIT is that the time? Need to go Andy, im sorry if i made this awkward " you slapped his shoulder and nodded

Andy sighed as you left the room running your fingers through your hair.

"Jinxx i'm leaving" you said casually.

"Okay (Y/N) see ya at home" Jinxx smiled and you left without a sound. You drove home listening to Asking Alexandria because you were not in the mood for Black Veil Brides. You arrived home and you felt so embarrassed with yourself but you tried not to think about it then you eventually fell into a peaceful sleep, you kept having unusual dreams, you dreamt about deep blue eyes and heavy rock music which went through your head all night.

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