Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

I grumpily shove my organised makeup in the drawers. I was so angry at him. I was furious. Okay-yeah, maybe I forgot to say thank you yesterday and I should have, that was my fault I will take the blame, small guilt ran through me for that. But I'm mad because he switched back to being a dick for the rest of the night. I appreciated the help for the furniture but comments like, 'just push that to the corner' and his reply was 'could I push you into the corner first?' Is why I am mad.


He was nice though. He did comfort me and he did make me feel at ease. It was a slight moment of peace that I wish I could have had for longer than the half-hour. It was a time where I hoped he was like this for most of my stay. Those moments are the ones that can't pull me away from him. I can't see him go and I can't move to another place. If I had the choice to move or stay, I'd stay. I want to live for these moments. I wondered if I gave him what he wanted, those moments would be mine.

I stare at the tub of Chantecaille foundation with the cold glass dying at the warmth of my hands. I suddenly realized I had the same feelings for Harry as I did this foundation. I didn't want to buy it but I did because of its packaging. But the inside of it was wonderful for some but shit for others. The foundation for me was perfect. And Harry to me...

My phone dinged me out of my trance and I put the product in its rightful spot. I shuffle my way through all the boxes and I look down at my phone. There's an email notification but I don't recognize the email that it came from. My curiosity opens the email and my eyes scan over it.

Hello, Anna.

We have been a big fan of your work and your ever growing YouTube channel since we have been mentioned in your videos. Your fan base is truly remarkable to reach out to us constantly to remind us of you. We are incredibly grateful for all the support you have given us as a cosmetic and fashion brand and we hope, as a team we can give you support back.

As a team in the heart of United Kingdom, we are offering you a spot as our lead Make-up Artist. As you are located in the United Kingdom we are excited to announce you will have a meeting with Jacqueline Hilton, who is the co-founder of the Yves Saint Laurent headquarters in the United Kingdom, to see if you qualify as our lead Make-up Artist. This date is not finalized as yet but we will keep you up to date on future events involving you.

Consider this email as a welcome to the company.


The management team at the Yves Saint Laurent main hub, United Kingdom.

I take a huge amount of air as I widen my eyes. Without my permission, my lungs start to push air back out and I start to scream and my body jumps to the excitement. I stop my hysterical breakout and cover my mouth while laughing in my palms. I look back at the email and wonder if it is real and I wonder if this was where it all begun. My heart was beating so incredibly fast and my breath was hitching, I've never felt such a feeling.

I storm out of my room looking around for Harry. Once I find him sitting at the lounge he looks at me and gets up in worry. 'Hey. I heard you yell, are you-', before he could even finish his sentence I took his torso and wrapped it with my arms. I rested my head on his shoulder and I laughed.

'They emailed me, H-Harry. They emailed me.' I didn't let go of him. I continued to listen to his heartbeat, that was incredibly quick and I continued to hug him. I could smell his scent that was so rich and strong but so hypnotizing it put me into comfort. I felt his arms wrap around me too and his head rested in my neck. I could feel his hot breath against my ears and it sent shivers down my back.

'Who emailed you?' he whispered.

'YSL did they-they offered me a job.' My voice was still cracking at the crying. I lift my head and he lifts his and we look at each other. My heavy breathing and my heart immediately slowed down once I locked eyes with his. He had some sort of energy that radiated off him that did things to me I couldn't explain.

'That's great, Anna.' I felt his hand leave my waist and it came up to rub the semi-dry tear from my cheek. I couldn't tell if he was acting so nice to get with me or he genuinely cared about my plans or dreams or me for the matter of fact. Deep down I wanted him as much as he wanted me, but I can't be with him that way if I am going to be another girl added to his list.

I pulled away from him and I watch him force a smile. Just by watching him stand he looked uncomfortable and anxious. I scanned his body up and down making sure I wasn't missing anything but I worried. 'Thank you for the support.' I spoke lowly. He smiled and chuckled in response.

After saying that I could see the thank you wasn't what he was looking for. His face still dropped the smile and his hand fiddled with the keys in his pocket. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. He tilts his body on his toes then he falls back. He laughs, swiftly shoving his hair out of his face then speaks.

'Would you like to go on a date with me?'

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