Leaving my home town

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The next morning I woke up and Jason was still sleeping so I figured I could do stuff around the house so when everyone got up I could start breakfest. I started cleaning. I put some music on and started dancing as I was cleaning up and in the middle of it Jason walks up behind me. "Well arn't we so full of energy!" He said. I smiled at him "You looked so peaceful sleeping that I didnt want to bug you." I said. He started kissing my neck it drove me crazy. "How about you bring your pretty little self in the room for a bit before we have to go." Jason said. He took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom shuting the door behind him. He started kissing me and stripping me down. It drove me insane so I started kissing him and stripping him down too. The making out led into making love, after a few hours went by we laid there. "Baby!!" I said "Yes, Beauitful." He said. "The things you do to me drives me insane." I said smiling at him and he smiles back. "Well, I really hope that's in a good way." He said. "Yes, its in the best way possible." I said. I started kissing him and it lead back into things again. "Well, Thats a good thing." He said. We moved from the bedroom to the shower that was in my bedroom. We took a shower together I washed him and he washed me. It was amazing. We finished in the shower and got dressed and went to the kitchen and I grabbed stuff for breakfest. "Are you hungry?" I said. "Babe, no need to make food for eveyone we can stop and eat." Jason said. I walked over to him. "Nope, Its fine Babe I dont mind!" I said. "Well, alright then let me help you then." He said as he smiles at me. "Well, If you want to help I wont stop you." I said. He walks over and kissed me and I start getting out the pans. By then everyone was starting to wake up. We made eggs and bacon and sausage. We all ate and when we finished I started clearing the table. Everyone thanked me for breakfest so I started getting things put away and dishes done. Jason helped me. When we finished the dishes I headed to my room to finish packing because we were leaving soon.the guys headed out the door to get the bus ready and Jason joined me in the bedroom. "You need help with anything?" He asked me. "Nope, I'm just about finished but thank you babe and thanks for helping me with everything in there." I said. "It was no thing Babe, I'm glad to help." Jason said giving me that sexy smile that drives me crazy then giving me a kiss. I went to the living room to put the blankets up and Jason comes up behind me and hugs me and kisses me on the neck. "Babe." I said turning around. "yes, ma'am." He said and his sexy accent came out. "You are going to start stuff and that accent of yours isn't helping." I said. "Well, Parden me Ma'am."Jason said and started laughing I couldn't help but to laugh too. He was so beyond perfect and out of all the people out there he is with me, it was perfect. We finished putting stuff up and I went to grab the last of my things and we headed to the bus. I locked up and Jason took my stuff to the bus. I sent Holly a text seeing how things were going and I was shocked to hear what would change her life forever. Brantley asked her to merry him and she said yes. I was happy for her I mean why wouldn't I as long as she was happy so was I. I sat my phone down to get my thoughts in order. I felt so many mixed emotions I didn't know if I wanted to cry or what. Jason comes over to me. "Hey babe." I said grabbing him and kissing him. "Are you okay Babe?" Jason said. "Yes, just found out that my best friend is now engaged." I said "Baby, thats so great." Jason said. "Yea it is." I said

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