Kiss My Shy Away | Heather Chandler x shy fem reader

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(Y/N) looked down the hall with a hope that no one was still there, she knew she was late to class, but ever since the Heathers had noticed her last week, she had been handed a lot of unwanted attention. (Y/N) was a sweet shy girl who usually stuck to herself, always had her nose stuck in a good story. A flutter of hope went by as Heather Chandler stepped out of the girls room. She was alone.

"Shit..." (Y/N) whispered under her breath as she tucked a strand of (h/l) (h/c) hair behind her ear.

Chandler looked around, seeming to have heard (Y/N)'s soft voice. "Who's there?"

(Y/N) quickly ran the other way, hoping not to be seen. It seemed that all of her luck had run out. Heather grabbed the back of (Y/N)'s shirt pulling her back.

"What are you doing out of class, Loser?" Heather asked the poor, shaking girl  She shook her head as an answer. She wouldn't dare to speak. "Listen, you better show up to Ram's party tonight or else you're dead meat. Got it?" (Y/N) nodded as reply.


(Y/N) softly knocked on Ram's front door, nervous. She couldn't believe she actually showed up. Then again, Heather did force her to. The door opened and the smell of drugs and alcohol poured out of the door.

"What are you doing here, Loser?" Ram sneered. (Y/N) felt her heart race.

"I-I was told by H-Heather to-"

"She's here with me Ram." Heather said from behind him. The poor (h/c) haired girl felt he heart just start pounding and she didn't know why. She was sure she was straight. "Get in here (n/n)." Heather reached out and dragged (y/n) into the party, her arm wrapping around her waist as they walked to the bathroom.

"Why am I here...?" (y/n) whispered softly as she looked around, her anxiety getting ready to burst.

"I wanted to tell you something." Heather locked the bathroom door as (y/n) sat in a corner, her back facing Heather. "Turn around." (y/n) did as told.

Heather's lips landed on (y/n)'s within seconds after they talked, their lips moving in sync. Something deep in (y/n) told her that her night with Heather was far from over.

A/N: Sorry if it isn't that good... I'm not that good at shy characters...

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