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" what do you mean she escaped! " I shouted getting of the bed shaking.
" whats wrong ?" Ezra said confused .

I raised my hand to silence him and continued talking on the phone " How on earth can she escape when there are a dozen of you out side "
" boss-"
" what!!" I cut him off
" she wasn't alone" the guard said
" what do you mean she wasn't alone ?"
" it happened really fast three dodges parked out side the gang house and they were full of ass holes with guns
and they wiped half of us out "
Suddenly I lost my balance I stumbled and landed on the bed again Ezra held my back to give me support.

I couldn't handle it, it was too much for me . Ezra took the phone from my hand  and put it on his ears but I couldn't hear what he was saying cause pain shot in my stomach and I screamed .

The baby, my baby

Everything went out of focus and I gelt myself falling but a strong hand, Ezras hands held me.
Then there was only blackness in front of me and I was out cold .

My head hurts, my bed is too hard why is it too hard, then it hits me. My baby. My guards, Rachel . And my eyes shot wide oped but I was met by the hospitals spotlight that made me shut them again .
I open them again slowly this time and I moved my eyes around the room and my eyes landed on the tattooed hand that was resting on my belly , Ezras face faced down, his hair was hanging in the air silky and all .
I ran my hands through them and he looked up his eyes red .
" why are you crying?" I said softly
" heyy" he whispered to me smiling as he came closer .
"Ezra what happened to my baby " I said louder now feeling fear tingle under my skin .
" nothings wrong baby but you shouldn't stress your self out cause it won't be lucky next time"
I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in, I felt my eyes sting and tears started to come out.
" hey baby don't cry "
" I don't know why I'm crying, w-why are you out if bed " my cry became louder that Ezra had to warp his arms around me to keep me calm, I didn't even notice that I was shaking " our family.. they're gone most of them are dead because of Rachel, you were on the verge of dying in that dark scary room "
" shh, stop stressing your self out please Rosalie. I'm here and I'll always be here for you,for all of us " he said rubbing my belly.
" hormones "
" yeah I know " he whispered making me blush between his big arms .
One day later
We got out of the hospital this morning, Ezra felt better, he could walk well like before but now fast like me so we had to take it slow fir his sake.
I wanted to visit the gang house to see the people who survived that attack even though Becca and Blue came to check before us, it just felt right to go there my self and thank god the ones that remained were perfectly fine.10 guards of mine were murdered.

That dump bitch. Thinks she can kill my guards an get away with it .

"I want her dead Ezra" I said as we got out of the house and went to my car, I was furious that when I slammed the door shut that the window cracked .
" you're gonna get her and all of the ones that were involved in this dead and buried six feet under the ground " he said as he got in slowly then continued "but please don't make my baby sad and relax beautiful I'll handle this "
I sigh and lean towards him and give him a kiss which takes him by surprise.
" what was that for ?"
" I love you too "
" huh "
" huh " I repeated with sarcasm tapped to my voice
" I hate this childish game so please don't "
" okay "
" I like your outfit by the way " Ezra's compliment made my face heat up cause I was dying for a compliment for a while now
" thanks "

" what was that for ?" " I love you too " " huh " " huh " I repeated with sarcasm tapped to my voice " I hate this childish game so please don't " " okay " " I like your outfit by the way " Ezra's compliment made my face heat up cause I was dying ...

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( literally you guys I really wanted to show you this outfit it's goergeous I'm 😍 love )

Well that compliment didn't last for long "it's a shame that it won't be fitting you in the next two months "
"Wha- that uggghhh" I didn't even know what to say But if I wasn't driving I would have ripped his goergeous eyes out .
" I hate you" I said with a small voice
" yeah I love you to my queen even If you break our bed one day "
" mean " I smile
" beautiful " he replies.
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