(19) Who Will You Choose?

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Requested by: Their_Adorable_Gal

Age: 5

"Hiwo.." The little 5 year old girl yawned, putting her hand on her mouth to muffle the sound as she slowed her pace chasing her friend.

The shaggy haired boy named 'Hiwo' turned around, clutching a tiny red toy robot, (which was made by him and Tadashi) grinning. His eyebrows immediately furrowed at the sight of his friend and he jogged up to her.

"Are you tired?" The little boy squeaked in his voice that was laced with nervousness. He dropped his toy beside him carefully.

The (H/c) nodded tiredly and rubbed her eye with her fist, mumbling a little, "Uh-huh.."

"Oh.." Hiro's grin dropped. His face became a solemn one at the fact that it was time for them to stop playing and have nap time.

Hiro shook his head as his hair caught up with his movements, making his already messy hair, (if possible) messier.


He grabbed both of the girl's shoulders and made her face him, shaking her. "Don't. Fall. Asleep. Not. Now!"

Tadashi came to the living room to see Hiro shaking the poor girl.

He shook his head and ran towards the two children, taking Hiro's hands off (Y/n)'s shoulders.

The 9-year-old boy knelt down and gave Hiro a stern look, putting a hand on Hiro's shoulder to make him still and not shuffle away. (Y/n) held her head and regained her balance because Hiro was shaking her like his life depended on it. She groaned quietly and looked at the Hamada brothers through her bangs.

"What did I tell you about skipping nap time?" Tadashi spoke, raising an eyebrow at his brother.

Hiro looked down and huffed, crossing his arms cutely, mumbling, "Don't.."

"And what did I tell you about making (Y/n) skip with you?"

Hiro huffed again and glared at the floor. "Don't.."

Tadashi sighed and stood up, taking both hands of the children. "C'mon it's nap time."

Hiro's eyes widened as he began pulling back his arm, hoping to get Tadashi's grip off his wrist. "No! I wanna play with (Nickname)!"

Tadashi didn't answer at his brother's stubbornness as he dragged them up and into the bedroom.

He led them to Hiro's large bed and turned around, signaling them to sleep.

(Y/n) climbed up as she was already tired, but Hiro remained, glaring at his older brother.

Hiro crossed his arms and closed his eyes, looking away. His body language told Tadashi that he was refusing to go to the bed.

Tadashi rolled his eyes at Hiro's attitude and scooped him up, putting him down next to (Y/n) who was already laying down with her eyes closed.

Hiro glared harder at Tadashi and spoke, "I am not-" his voice got cut of by his own yawn and his eyes became droopy all of the sudden. He lied down and rested his head on a white pillow.

(Y/n) notices this and opens one eye tiredly, she then wraps her arms around Hiro, pulling his tiny body to hers.

"Sleepy.." His voice drifts away as he closes his eyes and pulls (Y/n) more to him to cuddle.

[Honestly, this one is cute! ^^]

* * *

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