Chapter 60

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Fay resisted the urge to groan, head flung back over the chair's frame, her curtain of pink hair fall in waves to the floor. If it weren't for the obvious look of distaste on her pale face and the way she let her arms flop to the ground, one would have thought she was content sitting through the three-hour-long meeting.

As Head of the Akiyama clan, Fay's was supposed to be devastatingly busy attending to her many duties. However, when Fay stepped up as one of Hashirama's advisors, she was forced to step down from most of her involvement in her clan.

She still remained its Head and leader, and there was no one of a higher position than her within their small, but no less influential, clan. However, with her position beside Hashirama, her role and responsibilities fell to the clan's elders, who gladly took the weight.

Violet eyes threatened to close from sheer exhaustion, she listened to the sound of her clansmen scutter out of the meeting room. Once the door clicked shut behind them, she sensed no one but one Akiyama in her presence.

Lifting her head slightly, she wasn't surprised at the sight of Akiyama Kitumi. 

Kitumi had been a long-term ally of hers within the Akiyama War council, and although the legion of high-ranking Akiyama had long since lost its purpose, she still relied on the familiar face to aid her with advice. He had been almost as young and naive as she had been when they both sat on the council together. Now, nearly a decade later, she was back in that same council, staring down someone who had become a senior member.

"I was surprised to see you, Fay-sama." He mused, bowing his gently politely to his leader. "You haven't attended a meeting in years."

"I decided to pop by to see how everyone was doing." Fay smiled back, "I was glad to see you, Kitumi-kun. It's been awhile, after all, how are you?"

"I am well." He replied simply. Kitumi had become a far cry from the brass, headstrong teen she had first sat across. He was softer, wiser, but he had never looked more exhausted.

"I suppose congratulations are in order," He smiled softly. "I heard about your engagement to Senju-san."

"Ah, Tobirama." She hummed in acknowledge, a smile growing just at the thought of him. "Thank you."

The room was silent for a moment as Fay waited for Kitumi to speak. Finally, when he did, she was not disappointed.

"I assume you noticed."

"The tension towards me?" Fay's smile was strained, "It was hard not to."

"The Akiyama has yet to completely settle in. Out of the three, it has become our clan that is most hostile in Konoha." He explained, frowning grimly. "Although I am pleased to report we have had no such incidents lately. After a few generations, they will calm down. The Uchiha have already begun to settle in but even they are still cautious. Not even all the Senju agree with their Leader's lax response to the whole ordeal."

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