Calm The Fire: 81

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For perhaps the first time in this quest, Bilbo led the way up the carving of the king which also acted as their staircase. Thorin was following after him quickly as they both scrambled up the rough terrain which was surrounding them.

Upon coming to solid ground again, Bilbo stood aside and let out a slow heavy breath. That was the most rushed climbing he had perhaps ever done. But regardless he couldn't dwell much and recover because each member of the company was appearing slowly on the ledge too, which meant their search for the door was to begin again.

With a distant content look, Thorin moved forwards and reached up to place his hands against the stone which he was facing. “This must be it, the hidden door.” He turned and looked to his friends who were all standing behind him looking at the rock face. Producing the key from around his neck Thorin held it up. “Let all those who doubted us, rue this day!” He exclaimed, his friends exclaimed in agreement.

Dwalin moved slowly forwards. “We have a key,” he said while tapping the rock. “Which means somewhere there is a keyhole.” He said sounding slightly puzzled while tentatively tapping the rock again in hopes that the keyhole would just appear from this action.

Thorin moved away from his friend to allow him to continue his search. Standing on the edge of the ledge that they were all standing on, he looked out. From this vantage point they could all see the vast stretching sky as it was slowly starting to get stained orangey yellow from the setting sun.

“The last light of Durin's Day...will shine upon the keyhole.” Thorin said quietly while slowly turning and looking back to the rock. He frowned lightly, it seemed Dwalin was still struggling to find the keyhole. Thorin looked quickly at the sun which was heading towards the horizon, looking to the side he looked around. “Nori,” he said quietly to the Dwarf by his side. Upon getting the message, Nori moved slowly forwards and joined Dwalin in the search for the keyhole. Reaching into his tunic, he pulled out a glass and placed it against the rock wall and he then produced a spoon and started to tap, in hopes that this would locate the keyhole.

“We're losing the light. Come on!” Thorin exclaimed, not liking how difficult this all was.

Dwalin seemed to share this thought, and started to kick against the rock wall. “Be quiet! I can't hear when you're thumping!” Nori said while continuing to tap against the stone.

“I can't find it. It's not here! It's not here!” Dwalin said sounding rather frantic as he looked over his shoulder. The sun behind them all was slowly disappearing ever more. A shadow had slowly started to move across the wall which signalled the oncoming night.

“Break it down!” Thorin frowned, it seemed like the only action which could be taken. He was trying to ignore the whispered concerned murmurs from the others surrounding him. Upon hearing this command, the Dwarves started to hit against the mountain with frantic motions desperately trying to break before the sun disappeared for good.

“Come on!”

“It's no good! The door's sealed! It can't be opened by force. There's powerful magic on it.” Balin said as calmly as he could while looking up at Thorin, he still stood with a minor look of disbelief on his face.

He looked over his shoulder, the sun had now fully hid itself behind the surrounding mountains. The clangs and scrapes of metal on rock stopped. He turned and looked back at the rock wall. “No!” He moved forwards and pulled out the map again. He looked it over at arms length and looked up at his friends. “The last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole...” His voice trailed off desperately. “That's what it says,” he said as if everyone doubted it. “What did we miss?” He looked to Balin as he moved slowly forwards to the older Dwarf. Balin shook his head and looked to the rocky ground beneath his feet before looking back up at him. “What did we miss, Balin?”

“We've lost the light. There's no more to be done. We had but one chance. Come away, lads. It's over.” He said lowly while turning and slowly shuffling away with the rest of the company. One by one they had all started to turn away as the seriousness of Balin's words sunk in.

Looking around confused, Bilbo turned and watched as he was passed by different members of the company. “Wait a minute, what?” Shuffling from foot to foot he frowned and watched as everyone continued to walk away. “Where are they going?” His question didn't get an answer as the only Dwarf who was still present was Thorin, and he was too busy being deep in conflicted thought. “You can't give up now!” He exclaimed as a last ditch effort to get a reaction. Bilbo looked up as Thorin finally turned away from the rock wall, he looked defeated to say the least. “Thorin,” Bilbo said as the clatter of the key falling from Thorin's hand echoed quietly and then died away. Thorin slowly walked away and shoved the map against Bilbo's chest. “You can't give up now,” he said though he knew it was pointless. No one else was listening to him, he wasn't surprised that Thorin completely ignored him either. Pulling the map away from his chest he looked around a little bewildered. He was the only one still up here. Everyone else had started their slow decent back down.

Looking thoughtfully down at the ground, Bilbo waved a finger in the air as if that'd help his thought process at all. “Stand by the grey stone,” he said while looking almost sceptically at the rock wall. He moved forwards and pointed his finger at it. “When the thrush knocks, and the setting sun. and the last light of Durin's Day will shine.” He recited while turning and looking to where the sun had set a while before. “The last light. The last light.” He mumbled to himself while finally moving away from the wall. He looked up as the night sky looked down at him. Slowly the grey clouds of the night drifted lazily across the sky. From behind them the moon appeared, shining brightly. Bilbo frowned suddenly and turned back to the wall. He could distinctly hear tapping. As if it were to good to be true, there was a bird, tapping away at the rock in front of it just as the moonlight shone down brightly to fully illuminate it. Looking truly lost for words, Bilbo let out a startled noise and a sigh and took a step back. He pointed at the wall which was now fully in the moon's silver light. “The last light!” He said quietly while the light shone on where the keyhole was located. “The keyhole!” He said happily while smiling, he couldn't quite believe it. Shuffling forwards he walked to the edge to catch the retreating Dwarves. “Come back! Come back! It's the light of the moon! The last moon of Autumn!” He shouted his explanation, though down on the path there was still no sight of anyone. He laughed to himself, despite it all, he laughed. “Where's the key?” He said shortly while taking to turning in circles and looking at the ground in hopes of seeing where Thorin dropped it. “Where's the key?! Where's the...?” His search wasn't going very well, yet he still continued to look for it. “It was here. Come on. It was here, it was just...” Bilbo trailed off as he heard the metallic sound of something skimming over rock. He kicked it, he just accidentally kicked the key. It was making a one way journey towards the edge until a boot stomped heavily down on the string.

Thorin looked down at it as it dangled over the edge. Bilbo looked up at him with slightly wide eyes. Slowly, Thorin knelt down to retrieve the key from underneath his boot. Holding tightly onto it, he stood back up and turned it over in his hands. Beside him the rest of the company had appeared and all looked with new hope at the rock wall. Slowly moving forwards, Thorin placed the key into the illuminated hole, turning it there was the grinding sounds of stone before a low click sounded out. He took a step back and looked it, slowly reaching up he placed his hands against the rough wall, and pushed. With slight protest the door swung open. What greeted him on the other side was darkness, though the moon in the sky did manage to shine a small pathway into the corridor.

All were silent at this point, in sheer awe to what was finally happening. Thorin stood in the doorway looking cautiously around. “Erebor,” he sighed and looked over his shoulder as someone had spoken his name. Balin, he looked tearful as he stood beside him now. Thorin reached up and placed a hand against his shoulder. Slowly moving away from Balin, Thorin took his first steps into the Lonely Mountain.


(A/N: There are, so many feels in this whole and depressing feels. Happiness over being back at Erebor (come on, Thorin's happiness is adorable, share that happiness) and then sheer low depression over the sadness of slight failure (my heart broke when he actually thought he'd screwed up, that was true sadness...) back to happy! We're in Erebor! Come on you fat dragon! I loves writing Smaug's parts, bring it on!!!! xD (Honest enthusiasm there!!!))

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