Chapter 12

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"Life is not all apple tarts and sugar. Sometimes you might just need a little vinegar" – Riley Monroe

"IT'S SATURDAY!" Cassidy's loud voice rang throughout the cabin.

I groaned. I peeked at the alarm clock to see that it was 6:15 a.m. 6:15? Who wakes up this early on a Saturday? Or better yet, who has this much energy in the morning? I'm pretty sure it's not humanly possible. Cassidy is an alien. That's the only logical explanation.

With another groan, I opened my eyes to see her dancing and skipping around the cabin.

"She's like a pink poofy fairy. All she needs is a pink Cinderella dress, a tiara, and wings to complete the image," I heard Raven mutter. I stifled a laugh.

Cassidy didn't hear it. She just kept shouting and skipping.

"Oh be quiet, Cassidy!" Raven threw a pillow at her and getting an "oof" sound in return, followed by a thud on the floor

She fell down.

"The fair doesn't open until 9:00 so we have at least three more hours of sleep," Tammy's muffled voice filled the room.

"But we need to get ready and everything!" Cassidy whined.

"Why don't you call the guys up and tell them to get ready?" Raven started to say.

"Oh right! I'll get on with that!" Cassidy said. And with that she was out the room.

"... While we sleep," Raven finished off and slumped back into her pillow.

My head landed on my pillow with a soft squish sound. Extra thirty minutes of sleep here I come.

"Oh cupcake..." An annoying deep voice sounded in my ears.


I buried my face deeper into the pillow.

"I think it's time for you to wake up now."

I stayed in the same position.


Just ignore him. Maybe this will turn out to be my pre-morning imagination and he will go away.

"That's it."

Before I knew it, I was being carried bridal style with two strong arms.

"You're kind of heavy you know?" the voice softly asks.

Is he calling me fat? He did not just say that. No one calls me fat but me. Just wait until I get my hands on you...

I felt a fresh breeze on my skin. Oh no. We're by the lake. So much for it being my imagination...

Keeping my eyes closed, I tightly grabbed onto his shirt right before he threw me into the lake with me dragging him down too.

The icy cold water met my back right away. My eyes immediately sprung open, and I swam back up the surface losing my grip on his shirt and saw that Raven and Tammy were also in the lake along with Aaron.

The boys were on the pier laughing their butts off well, minus Aaron since he was glaring at me.

And I did the most logical thing. I stuck my tongue out at him. Laughing, I turned back to face the group on the pier.

"That was not nice!" I said as I swam to the shore.

"Yeah! We've never done anything to you!" Tammy shouted.

Raven didn't say anything but there was a glint in her eyes that told me she was planning something.

After everyone was ashore, Raven walked up to the guys and stuck her hand out who eyed it warily. "Well played, guys. I would just like to welcome you into the game." She said with an innocent smile that was far from being innocent.

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