13. The harsh truth

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The aftermath of an impulsive decision is huge. While Trisha's family kept quiet about her disappearance, it would not be long before everyone will notice.

Killian and Sage, both were in her house while her father glared at both of them.

"Which one of you made her do this?" He said alone in the room with the two.

"You knew." Sage felt a little angry but he was not sure where his anger was directed, at himself or Trisha's father.

"I am her father, of course, I knew."

"I just wanted to help," Killian said telling the half-truth and how he was the one who brought her into this mess.

"By making her the center of scrutiny that how she is garnering attention from two boys." Her dad was angry and worried about his daughter's safety.

She was raised in the comfort of her home and never even went out and now she was on run on her own.

"Since when did you know?" Sage asked.

It took a while for Trisha's dad to answer.

"Since birth." And since he knew both of the boy's secret he shared the story about the night Trisha was born.

"You don't know who helped you?" Killian asked a little surprised at the rule breakers way before in this society filled with rules.

"No, it was dark and he was a doctor I think because only then he would have such power."

"My father," Sage whispered loud enough for both of them to hear.

"No offense Sage but your father is kind of evil." Killian gave him a dry look.

"He is not my real father, my real father was killed for making a mistake and I found out recently through his letters what that mistake. Why do you think I am listed as Trisha's DNA partner. I was born the same night she was."

Sage was confused between being angry and sad now.

"You could have refused and found no fake match for me he would have dropped the plan, he would have been alive." He was rambling in anger now.

"He must not have found a match and that meant altering your set of DNA, changing who you are. It was his choice to protect his son and it was mine to protect my daughter. Everything was fine till you showed up." Her father yelled at the falsely targeted anger of Sage.

"Why am I attracted to her then?" Killian asked mostly to himself and then regretted saying it out loud in front of her father.

"Because this DNA match thing is bloody stupid." Sage snapped and glared daggers at Killian.

"We need to find her first." Her father reminded both of them.

"Or I swear I will take you both down with my family." He has never threatened anyone but right now with his daughter out their alone in danger he was more than capable.

"But we don't know where to start," Sage said.

"Don't tell my son and wife about Trisha. They don't know that she is unmatched."

Both the boys nodded. Sage was still not sure how to feel about the whole thing. His father died but like Trisha's father said he took that chance to help him and Trisha, it was his choice and he had been hating Trisha thinking that she knew what happened, he hated her family for keeping this secret and live happily while his father was caught.

But her father didn't even know the man that helped them, didn't even see his father's face. He felt guilty for betraying her and in a way he needed him to find Trisha.

"We can't make a move now. Tomorrow is the new medical tests and trials." Killian reminded.

"And you can't go anywhere, it will make everyone suspicious," Sage told Trisha's father.

"Fine, you go look for her then and don't hurt her this time." He said to both of them kind of little proud how two handsome boys were fond of his daughter.


When she was little her parents used to take her to this little island near the town, it was beautiful, secluded kind of place with few residents and mostly tourists. Mostly fishermen, farmers lived there and it was such a peaceful place that there was no CCTV or local authorities. Once a while the police force and medical team came to this place.

She did manage to sit on the boat with a poker face and get away from the town to this island which was two hours away. If her dad wanted she could be easily found and she was kind of scared and wanted to be found.

But right now betrayal hurt more than anything. She has always trusted her brain but now she stupidly believed Sage and Killian. While Sage left her drunk, Killian was no better. Instead of taking her home or at least waking her up, he let her lie there in the house of a guy she was not supposed to meet with being partnered with someone else.

Sage was deceiving her all this time and though her mind kept telling her to stay away she was not wise enough to listen. But now that she was away from home, she was desperately searching for a familiar face, a hand of help.

She had money and clothes but she was not sure how long she could survive like this.

So the first thing she chose was to change her appearance and then find herself a place to live in. It was impractical what she was doing but she had no other option right now.

As calmly as possible she walked to the nearest salon that she could find.

A middle-aged kind looking, lady, greeted her.

"How can I help you today?" She asked.

"I want to change my hair color to golden blonde and also a change of hairstyle." She requested and sat down feeling a little anxious.

Her mind and body both tired from the stress, she dozed off while the slow process of hair coloring happened. She woke up with a jolt with the salon lady softly called out her name to wake her up. 

And was shocked to find her new hair color made her look like a new person. She looked a little like a rebel with a soft edge. She herself transform into a new person as the lady gave her new haircut. Her forehead was now covered with a side fringe and her boring hair was now styled in layers. She smiled a little at the thought of what her mother would say but that immediately hurt her a lot.

"Trisha Williams?" A man in gruff tone said.

And she recognized the man. It was Killian's father.

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The new story, THE BLADE PRINCESS is up with a summary and Prologue. Let me know your thoughts!  :)

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