Day 2

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Today, again, Izuku started his day with several dose of drugs. Those drugs kept him drowsy, and he believed it was those drugs that kept his quirk off too. Shigaraki came in with his breakfast, a gross-looking tasteless gray mush of who-knows-what.

"Eat." he shoved a spoonful in Izuku's mouth. Izuku coughed out a little bit when he sensed the disgusting stuff in his mouth. He didn't like them. He didn't like any of this either. All he wanted was to go home. Izuku didn't even get the chance to finish chewing. Shigaraki would shove another spoonful in his mouth, almost like a pattern. One time, he would get tired of feeding and ended up placing the bowl somewhere near Izuku's head so he can watch him struggle to reach the bowl and lick the mush to cure his hunger, for he has not eaten since the day the was captured. Whatever that thing was, it failed to satisfy Izuku's stomach.

"What happened to my friends?" growled Izuku after his last gulp. He remembered waiting for them to rescue him. He waited so long in dark silence that he got a chance to doze off to sleep. Of course, his very presence on the bed told him his answer, that whoever came to rescue him failed.

Shigaraki watched Izuku silently. He loved the sight of Izuku laying powerless before him. What excites him even more was that if not because of the calming drug, Izuku might be darting him with death glares. Right now, he couldn't even control his own eyelids without slightly slipping into sleep once in a while.

"What do you think we're going to do today?" Shigaraki started. "I hope you can stay awake. We're going to play a game."

Game? Izuku tried to say something but his head was spinning. It felt like his eyelids were made of lead.

"The those damn heroes from yesterday... you should know by now that they failed to rescue you." Shigaraki explained. "Funny, none of those heroes were your classmates. You and your big mouth chattered about them all day, but they didn't even come for you."

Izuku couldn't hear all the words Shigaraki said, but from the words he actually caught, he somehow understood.

"The teachers must have thought that it's... too... dangerous..." Izuku struggled to keep himself awake. Something tells him that if he sleeps, something bad will happen.

"It's a shame that none of your friends came. But it doesn't matter. Anyone will do." Shigaraki calmly said. He then called out someone outside. In a matter of second, the door quickly opened, only to reveal the figure of a blonde girl.

"OMG, it really is him! I'm so glad to meet you! Midoriya Izuku, isn't it? I'm gonna call you Deku, okay?" The girl was a lot shorter than Shigaraki. She wears a japanese school uniform with an oversized cardigan. Her blonde hair was also dressed with two messy-styled buns on either side of the head.

Izuku watched her looking at him with her bright yellow eyes. Dark circles decorates them as she squinted her eyes even more with her big smile.

"My name's Himiko Toga. I've heard a lot about you." The girl bounced gladly. She even went here and there to look at Izuku from every angle possible. She seemed to grow happier and happier. It's yet another love at first sight!

"Stay low, new recruit. Or would you like to disintegrate along with the hostages instead?" Shigaraki showed his threatening hand. Toga only smiled back.

"I don't really want to die now, so I'll stay low. I'll stay low." She giggled and calmly went back to Shigaraki's side.

Hostages! They have hostages! Izuku thought as the conversation went on.

"You heard it, Midoriya. Now play along or the hostages will die." Again, Shigaraki made Izuku shudder with horror, even when he's fighting the drug effects.

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