∞One More Night∞

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Okay. I posted a Gale story at 2 AM. A Jerza at 3 AM. And this Nalu at 10.20 PM. Guess what? I WENT A WHOLE 24 HOURS WITHOUT SLEEPING AND IM STILL NOT TIRED!!!!!

When I can be sleeping. Be lucky that it's Summer and I tend to be a night owl during Summer.


"LUCY!" A voice yelled after me. I looked up at the sky to see the monster's fist coming towards me. I tried moving, but I couldn't. I suddenly felt my body being pushed to the side, protecting me from the input. When I got up, I saw a hole, most likely were the thing punched. Then I saw a speck of pink hair.

Imagining the worst, I ran over to the hole, only to see Natsu partially crushed. But that wasn't the worst part. No, thw worst part was that he didn't look like he was breathing. I covered my mouth as a gasp escaped and tears started to stain my eyes. I took slow, unstable walks towards his body. As soon as I reached, I dropped to my knees.

I laid Natsu's head on my lap as I tried to find a pulse. A small scream escaped my mouth as I realized that his pulse wasn't there. I started to shake him, trying to wake him up. He can't be! He can't be dead! Those were the only words running through my mind at the time. 

"Natsu! Natsu! Wake up! Natsu!" I screamed, until I was sure my voice would go out soon. The others came rushing in.

"What happened?" Erza asked, requiping into her normal clothes. I turned around to meet her wih stained eyes. 

"N-Natsu's.... Natsu's....." I tried getting the words out, but I can't. It's not like I didn't want to, no. I literally couldn't get it out. My mind couldn't wrap around the fact that Natsu's dead. That the man I loved, the man I had given myself to, the man who claimed me as his, was dead. And Wendy wasn't here either, but I dooubt she can do anything now. 

I looked back at Natsu's dead body as more tears came down my face. His skin had become unnaturally pale and cold - probably colder than Gray. 

He truly was... dead.


Two months have passed since Natsu's death. Since his funeral....

Since I found out I was pregnant with his child.

The guild hadn't been the same since his death. The guild couldn't be the same. He was the one who brightened everyone's day, even when he was fighting with others. His childish personality brought life to the people around him.

MiraJane stopped smiling. Elfman stopped talking about being a real man. Gray had his clothes on twenty-four-seven. Wendy stopped caring. Juvia stopped stalking Gray. Levy stopped reading. Gajeel stopped being a tough guy (he was usual in the corner being quiet). Cana stopped drinking. Erza stopped eating cake. Happy stopped eating fish. Lily was in a state of shock while Carla's premotions stopped. Everything had turned upside down in the once lively Fairy Tail. 

Me? I was a zombie. I was alive, but I wasn't really living. I woke up, survived, slept, and repeated the whole process again day after day (which was really unhealthy for the baby). And honestly, I was getting sick of it. I was getting sick of this zombie-fied Fairy Tail.

"I'm just so sick of it!" I yelled, causing everyone to look at me as tears started coming down my face. "What's wrong with us?!" My face was on the table, but my voice was loud enough for people to hear. 

"Lucy's right," Erza said. "Natsu wouldn't want us to act like this when he died."


Eight Years Later

I was now twenty-five, and Erza had become our guild master after Makarov retired. Even though it's been eight years, not a single day goes by where I don't think about Natsu. Oh, right. We had a girl named Nashi. She had his pink hair and oynx eyes, but otherwise she looks exactely like me. I had given her Natsu's scarf, and she always has it with her. She would always wear the same clothes Natsu had-- with the vest and all, so the scraf would go around her breast. 

Today was Natsu's death anniversary, so me and Nashi were visiting his grave. I placed the litles on his tombstone as a tear escaped my eyes.

"Mama," said the eight-year-old Nashi (though she often acted like she was twice her age). Nashi looked up at the cloudy sky. "I read a book about Guardian Angels, the one that Aunt Levy had given to me. It told a tale about how, if you loved the person who had died, they would instantly become your Guardian Angel and watch over you. Whenever you talk about Daddy's and yours adventures, I can always see the love you have for him in your eyes, and your voice always gets excitied. Maybe...." she looked at me with a grin familiar to Natsu's, "Maybe Daddy's watching over us as our Guardian Angel."

I patted Nashi's head, as more tears escaped.

"Maybe your right..." I whispered.

"Nashi!" Happy yelled. Nashi looked at me before running off towards the blue exceed. I brought my hands to the tombstone as they gently grazed the rough surface. 

"I wish I could see you one more time, Natsu," I said, now full out crying. "I wish I could here your voice one more time, I wish you could see how grown our daughter was. I wish... I wish you were hear with me."


Natsu walked towards Lucy and bent down to face her. He put his hand on her head before softly ruffling it. Lucy looked up with a state of shock. 

"N-Natsu...?" Lucy asked. "I thought you were dead..."

Natsu brought their foreheads together. A soft wind came by, ruffling his all-white attire and scarf. "I am, but I can still watch over you. I've always been watching over you Luce. I know how you beat yourself for the first few years, saying it was your fault I was killed. I know how the guild is slowly repairing themselves mentally, with you and Nashi's help. I know about out beautiful daughter and how she reminds you so much of me. I know, Luce."


Natsu leaned down so their lips could touch before disappearing. 

"I love you, Luce..." his voice floated in the air.

"NATSU!" Lucy yelled, she looked at the grave on more time before whispering: "I love you too, baka."

Natsu died in this oneshot. :( How'd ya'll like? I started this at 5 in the morning, but my friend wanted me to write her a one-shot cause she doesn't believe that I actually write books, then in the middle of that my computer shut down so I was on my phone the rest of the morning and I didn't get a wink of sleep. Yee-haww!

QOTD: If Natsu did die in the manga/anime, who would you pair Lucy up with/


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