Youth Fall Part 5 - Rode The Six Hundred

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She was the final one standing, the bringer of death. The bells toll loudly like something she has heard from an old science fiction program about a mad man, and later a woman, in a blue box who travelled through time and space. She had liked that show even if there hadn't been any new episodes since the beginning of the third world war.

The sound is so loud yet also so silent, it's tone marking the end of what is and the beginning of what was to come. A haunting, sorrowful sound that is also oddly cheerful and optimistic.

The end was coming one way or another and she knew, deep inside herself, that she would see it. Ironically, she thought to herself, she and the others had been like that person. Although that person would change appearances, they were still the same person within with just a slight change to their personality as part of the process.

What she and the others had done could be considered like that, their bodies hadn't really changed though but they had while still retaining much of who they had been before except for the personalities.

All to bring about a potential future for the Earth.

The bell tolls again as Leina feels herself being shaken awake.

"Leina" Another gentle shake rouses her awake slowly, her sleep had been a deep one. Slowly she turns over in her bunk to see Clara looking down at her.

"Mmm" She mummers.

"Sorry to wake you but we're heading out in three hours, you might want to get some breakfast before we start the mission briefing" For a moment she forgets where she is, who was this and how was she in her flat? Then it all returns to her.

"Okay, be there shortly" Leina mummers tiredly as she tries to push herself up, blinking sleep away in the effort. Clara leaves while Leina pushes herself up off the bunk and stretches once she's on her feet.

Realising that she had slept in her clothes, she undresses and looks in the room's dresser for something clean to wear. Once dressed and after tending to body needs in the bathroom across from her bunk room, she heads to the mess hall for breakfast.

"Morning" Alica greets her with as she enters the mess hall, she sounds chirpy. Likely from her sex-capdes with Raymond last night.

Everyone else is here and all pretty much awake and ready for the mission. Unlike herself who was still trying to fully wake up.

Getting some breakfast sorted out, she shuffles over to a table andsits down. She is definitely not a morning person.

After breakfast and feeling more up to facing the day, Leina heads through to the briefing room after everyone else has already gone through. Clara waits until Leina has sat down before starting.

"I'll do a recap on the mission for the others since they may need to be caught up to speed, so bear with me" A layout of the central computer platform is brought up in front of them and Clara begins;

Mission Plan

"Now the mission is this: The cycle of greed with our species must end, simply bringing the platforms down isn't enough since the wealthy and the UEG will only have more built.

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