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I never wanted to move out but I had to since my parents kicked me out so I'm going to Los Angeles to live with my brother Aaron.

Now I have to go to a new school and meet new people but I never really interacted with anyone so I bet it's going to be like my old school being bullied and not interacting with anyone.

I was scared to move since it was my first time well third since I had to move from Massachusetts, to Indiana and then now to Los Angeles.

I heard Los Angeles was a big place and it was full of people and it was very busy once. I get settled in with my brother, that's going to be a big roller coaster for me.

I was so nervous movie I mean it's not my first time but still scary.

My name is Ace I am 18 years old I'm going to live with my brother Aaron and I'm very nervous cuz I also have to switch schools and I really don't want to meet new people.

I'm scared to even think about going to New School I'm not a very outgoing person I am that girl that sits in the corner with headphones in and phone on hand and always thinking about that one boy but I don't think it's going to happen this time.

The last boy I had a crush on was horrible he was so mean to everyone and I never would have liked him if I new the real him.

The school was called Lakeview High it sounded cool but it looks scary it was so big because of my last school it looked like a mansion compared to my other school.

I really don't want to go and I really don't want to move out but now I have to since my parents kick me out like I said here I go.

Hi this is an new fanfic it involves Sam and Colby with everyone else and BTS. I know this is a lot but this book was based off of my friends imagination won't sort of she gave me the title and description but I'm writing a book but still credits to her thank you for reading!

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