Authors Note

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I know I know... I've rewritten this so many times... but I didn't like where the last one was going and I wanted to make a schedule.

I don't like making schedules because I don't like meeting deadlines. I still have a poem I have to turn in to my writing class that was due two days ago. Am I gonna do it? No! I would rather write on wattpad and listen to music.

I'm listening to Pandora. Although I have had the app forever, I prefer Spotify, but right now I am just loving Pandora.

Any who, the actual story. I've been watching The Walking Dead for the first time. SeriouslyAwsomeGirl got me hooked a couple weeks ago and I'm on season three. If I've learned anything, it's that I should never get attached to anyone. It's given me some ideas *rubs hands together evilly* for some characters and a new story line.

Alright, there are some new characters that I am going to add a "starting out cast list" and I may add more cast lists in the future.

The schedule for the new book is every friday!!

My cat is trying to kill me.

Until you read again,

Kai Ulysses

Kai Ulysses

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