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Author pov
While jimin was making dinner Taehyung came in "sup slut"he just ignored him and tried finishing ,jimin tried reaching for a plate but he was too short,at that moment a plate fell and shattered making a mess on the floor, he was picking it up when Mr.kim walked in "what the hell jimin"he grabbed jimin by his hair and threw him at the wall,he started to hurt him throwing beer bottles at him,it wasn't long before tae and Mrs.Kim joined in "you ass do you know how much that plate cost"Mrs.Kim said after a while they left him on the floor crying.Later that night jimin was taking care of his cuts,he was tired from the blood loss so he didn't get to eat that night.

Jimin pov
I woke up and started to get ready for school,when I was done I walked to school ignoring everyone glaring at me.I walked in my class before everyone else did,just when I thought I was alone jungkook was sitting in the desk next to mine,just great I walked to my seat when he saw me and decided to speak "hey jimin"he said I didn't want to be rude "h-hello Jung..Jungkook"I thought he was going to ignore me like everyone else but I was wrong "jimin I know you don't have any friends so today's your lucky day I want to be friends with you" he said I was going to thank him but Taehyung walked in "jungkookie let's skip class today I want to spend time with my boyfriend"he grabbed Jungkooks arm and ran away leaving me there, well at least he's my friend I guess.

After school

Author pov
Jimin went to his room and saw all of his things broken,he ran to his closet and look at the secret compartment to check if his prized possession was okay,luckily it was. He was holding a pendant that his childhood friend gave him,is name was kookie and he promised jimin that he would marry him when they got older and to protect him with all his life.

 He was holding a pendant that his childhood friend gave him,is name was kookie and he promised jimin that he would marry him when they got older and to protect him with all his life

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Jimin placed the pendant back and started cleaning up his room.when he finished he went to bed

Next day
Jungkook pov
I walked in the classroom and seen jimin sleeping on his desk aww he's so cute wait what am I saying I have a boyfriend,i went wake him up "jimin wake up it's almost time for class"he just rolled to the other side and said "5 more minutes please" I didn't know what to do so I called Tae,he came and yelled "jimin wake up or Mom and dad will sell all of your things!!" Right then and there he woke up and panic "no p..please don't" "don't worry slut there not here" Tae walk to me and kiss my cheek and walk out of the room.Shortly after the room was filled up with students.Our teacher made us work on a project with someone and I got paired with Jimin but at least we can hang out together.
Later I invited Jimin to my apartment to work on our project,he fell in a puddle of mud because it was raining earlier I let him borrow some of my clothes,while his was in the washer.Jimin and I were working when I hear his stomach growl "jimin are you perhaps hungry"I ask his cheeks turned red and said " n..no it's f..fine" I wasn't going to let him starve so I ordered a pizza.when it got here he completely devoured it like he hasn't been eating for days. "Thank you Jungkook for the meal"woah he didn't stutter "you didn't stutter" I said "I guess I'm comfortable around you" he left my apartment I guess he trusts me now. I should invite him for ice cream with my hyungs.

Hello schools almost done for me so I would be able to update more for you guys and if don't my eomma will yell at me 😅 but that's okay.vote for this jikook fanfic, btw I don't own any of the pics in my fanfictions

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