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(3rd P.O.V)
It was night time and Bakugou and Kirishima we're outside on hill stargazing. It was dead silent between the both of them and the only sound that was heard was the cricking of crickets. They were both comfortable in the silence and enjoyed each other's company. Then Kirishima broke the silence by saying, "Wow! The stars are really beautiful!" Bakugou smiled at Kirishima and Kirishima did the same. "You wanna know what else is beautiful?" Kirishima asked. "What?" Bakugou said blushing.

"Crimson Riot." Kirishima said with stars in his eyes. Bakugou's smile and blush turned into a rage filled face. Kirishima looked at Bakugou's face and ran while Bakugou chased him with explosions coming out of his hands. Later that day Kirishima died....

(Not Literally)

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