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I stare around at the training centre.
In the centre of the room is a circular bench of axes, stretching around a wide statue. I begin to head towards them, when I notice some nun-chucks in the corner of the room.
The training centre's walls are lined with throwing knives, spears, tridents, bows and arrows. And yet, the only weapons that draw my attention are the axes and nun-chucks.
Now, as I come from district 7, choosing the axe would be normal, especially as I am one of the best axe-wielders in my district and they are located in the middle of the room. However, the nun-chucks are the only things in the room that I have never used before(all the others I used during the wanna-be revolution). In addition, the nun-chucks are tucked away on a table in the corner and there are only two pairs there.
I don't know what it is, but for some unknown reason, I feel strangely attracted to them, so I go over and begin to practise with them.
After slicing a few mannequins in half, I decide I have mastered the technique of using nun-chucks. Thinking that I should probably practise with the axes anyway, I start towards the bench.
I chop of a pair of wooden legs, three arms, six heads and stab two mannequins/cardboard cut-outs(more of the mannequins than expected were destroyed by the tributes), using a few different types of axes.
As I know how to use the rest of the weapons(because to take part in a war, knowing how to use most weapons has to be basic knowledge), I begin to read the edible plants manual.
I learn that the first Hunger Games will most likely include plants, such as Katniss Roots and Rue(both of which are edible). Also, I discover that there is apparently some berry bush which grow nightlock, a deadly and lethal type of berry. Although, I doubt that they will be included, but then again the new president(Snowy, or something like that)is really angry about us starting the war and will probably put everything they have got into the games to make us suffer as much as possible.
Anyway, I decide to move on to the intelligent test next. We have 5 minutes 'till training time is over and it's the only thing I have time to do, besides, I don't really need to practise much else.
In the intelligent test I get a score of 96/100! Pretty impresive, huh!
Yeah, well my other four answers were, 'stupid', 'idiotic', 'almost smart' and 'slightly smart'. So, they didn't go so well...
By the time I finish the test, it is time to return to the tribute's hotel. I am quite pleased with the days events and am sure I will show off my nun-chuck skills in the game, when I see a district 2 tribute grab a nun-chuck and pull someone onto the floor, leaving a deep slash in their ankle.
At that moment, all the tributes are pushed out of the room and the district 2 tribute, as well as the victim of the nun-chucks are shoved into a different room.
I have no idea what just happened, but suddenly and all at once, I realise about what will happen in the games.
Quickly, I ascend the stairs and burst into my room.
In there, I find a young man with brown hair and mining clothes staring back at me...

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