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3 days later

Matt's POV

Its been a rough three days since i told Paige i have feelings for her. Her and Austin are officially a couple now. And i have to admit, im taking it pretty bad.

I shouldve known i wasnt good enough for her. But that doesnt mean he is, she deserves someone better. Id like to think that thats me, but i guess its not.

I cant help but think that he will break her heart. And that is something i do not want to see.

Taylor doesnt approve of Austin, but of course Paige doesnt care.

They have a date tonight and i have to deal with seeing them together when he picks her up.

But the good thing is tomorrow is the first day of Magcon! So they shouldnt be together for the next two days. And soon we will be leaving Florida and i wont have to deal with it.

I walk out of me and Tay's room and enter the main area. I look out the window, wow its dark already? What time is it?

8:37pm. Great Austin will be here to pick up his 'bae' soon.

I flop down on the couch like a dying seal and grab the remote. I turn on the t.v and watch a rerun of the walking dead.

Halfway through Paige walks into the room. Damn. She looks so gorgeous. Oh gawwwdd. I need a drink because i am thirstayy.

Lol what just got into me?

"You look nice" i tell her and she smiles down at me. She takes a seat down next to me and looks at the t.v

"OOOOOOH!! i love this show! oh my god" she yells with a grin on her face. I laugh at her sudden outburst and we continue to watch the show until a knovk interrupted it.

Paige quickly shot up and took off towards the door. She opened the door and jumped into Austin's arms. If it was anyone else doing thid it would be cute. But this? This was horror.

It was like and angel jumping into the arms of satan. I know, weird.

She waved bye to me then ran out the door.

Why cant that be us?

Paige's POV

Austin is taking me to his apartment so we could just chill and watch some movies.

When we get to his place its actually kinda nice. Its clean and is decorated nicely.

He leads me into a room which i learn is his bedroom. He walks over and shuts the door.

Whats going on? Theres no tv in here to watch a movie.

He slowly walks towards me and i begin to get nervous

"A-Austin w-what are you d-doing?" i say and back up alittle.

A smirk appears on his face and he pulls me into a forceful kiss.

He pushes me onto the bed so he is ontop of me. I begin to panic, he starts to play with my pants buckle and thats when im finally able to break away.

"Please stop. Im not ready, i want to wait. P-please stop!" i plead but he doesnt listen.

His hand slips into my pants and he toys with my underwear. Thats when i knee him in his balls.

He bends over in pain but recovers quickly and slaps me across the face.

" Listen to me now! You are mine now! You listen to me and do what i say! And right now you arent doing so good. Your a worthless whore and you should be so happy im willing to put up with you! But now your being a bitch! Get out of my house!!" he yells then pushes me off the bed.

I stand up and quickly walk to the door.

" I will pick you up once your done eith your stupid tour shit and then we will see if your willing to go along with me" he says and shoves me hard out the door.

I stumble a bit then fall to the floor.
What the hell was that?! That was not the Austin i met!

How could he hurt me like this? My face still stings and my knee hurts from falling.

Teard rush down my face. He tried to rape me! Then he, my boyfriend!, hit me! You arent supposed to do that, right?

Is it normal for a guy to do that? I dont think so but then again i could be wrong.

How the hell am i supposed to get home? I dont even know exactly where i am.

I walk to the end of the street to read the street signs. Im at the corner of Mango Drive and Congress Ave.

I call the first person i can think of. Matt

Matt's POV

Im in my room when my phone goes off. Paige is calling.

"Hey" i answer

"M-m-matt. Can u p-please p-p-pick me up" she says and it sounds like she is crying pretty bad. What the hell is going on

"Paige? Paige are you ok? Whats going on Where are you?" I ask worried. I guess the girls heard me and walked in.

She told me where she was and i told her i would be there soon.

"Whats going on?" Brittany asks as soon as i put my phone down.

"Somethings wrong with Paige i need to go get her." i say and put on my shoes. I run out the door with the keys to the rental car i decided to get.

I got to the parking garage, got in the car, and took off to Paige. She needs me.

It was a somewhat short drive before i arrived to see Paige leaning against a street sign.

I pulled over and she opened the door.
"Thank you" she says then closes the door.

"No problem. Now tell me, whats going on?" I ask her in a serious tone.

She looks over at me with tears in her eyes and whispers "I dont know if i can tell you"

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