Chapter One

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Tonight is the night; my twenty first birthday.

I don't want my fate to be decided for me, I want to decide my own fate.

Perhaps staying up will cheat the system.

Yes, let's do that.

6 PM

I grab a book, Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck, and begin reading it.

7 PM

I finished the book and am now onto the sequel, Tiger's Quest.

8 PM

Binging on soda and sugary snacks for energy.

9 PM

Learning the guitar.

10 PM

Have mastered one chord.

11 PM

Have officially given up on guitar.

12 AM

I have no tattoo. I did it. I cheated the system. Now what?

I'll go to sleep and decide in the morning.

[sorry it's really choppy I don't know how to start this lol I promise it won't be so choppy from now on hopefully]

9 AM

I woke up to a tingling sensation on my lower ribcage.

I rubbed it and winced. What did I do?

I sat up and stretched my arms up, causing me to grimace at the dull throbbing on my right side.

I yawned and stood up before walking over to my dresser before pulling out a blue floral dress.

I walked into the bathroom and pulled my shirt over my head. I was about to pull my dress down when something caught my eye.

I looked in the mirror and my eyes widened. I hadn't cheated the system, I just made it worse for myself. Not only did I have a tattoo, it was a wordless tattoo.

The tattoo itself was elegant, something I would have found beautiful if it did not control my fate.

It was a lone daisy, with a single petal missing.

"Fuck!" I yelled. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck FUCK!"

I now have a soul mate.


I'm sorry it's so short!

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