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Story Link:  https://www.wattpad.com/story/8138722-bumped-completed-novel

Author  Name: SibyllaNash

Genre/Tags:    Chicklit third person Chicklit betrayal contemporary los music pregnancy women


Bumped is about a music PR executive who thinks she has the perfect life with parties, travel and meeting celebrities.

Then she discovers she's pregnant and her financial adviser boyfriend is arrested for money embezzlement but avoids the authorities. She gets blamed for abetting him. Her perfect world begins to fall apart as she loses her job, her boyfriend and social circle. She is also suffering from morning sickness, her money is diminishing and she has cops observing her.

She has to come to terms with that nothing was what she thought it was - her job, her friends and most importantly her boyfriend. She returns to her family, gets over her man and rebuilds her life.

The journey of how that happens will keep you reading.

This story was very topical at the moment given all the scandals popping out about 'cover ups' in the music/film industry and how fake it can be.

The main characters are POC but that blends in with the story rather than being the story. It's more about self discovery and social observation - but done in a light hearted and aspirational way.

There's one funny character - Cameron a rock star, who's from a posh background but is playing it down and trying to learn ebonics etc.

Elle's adventures continue in a sequel called Popped.               

Reviewer: MaryFahey

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