You did what to the cop neighbors?

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I'm currently blasting rock music in my neighbors house sipping on their bottle of liquor.

I let the liquor slide down my throat stinging slightly and start dancing to the music.

I break another glass plate

Why? you ask Joe gave me a ticket I mean come on he couldn't have given me a warning

Oh! excuse me you kbow nothing about the little b*tch talking to ya

Im Stevie Jones Im 5'2,African American rebellious,waist long hair when straight,and live with my dad.

I have two bestfriends Alex Thomas blonde hair blue eyes heart throb and Amanda Burrow brown haired green eyed girl who is my twin but white.

Currently I just got caught by joe and his wife they came back earlier than anticipated

Hai jamie and Joe how are ya I reply smartly

Joe grabs his temple and snatch me up by my forearm and I quickly grab my phone off the counter as he drag me across the street to my house.

Joe knocks on the door and explauns to my dad what I was doing and me you ask what I was doing during this?

Smirking and snickering a little until my dad gave me a death glare

"Joe Im sorry its just she is so difficult to manage she shouldn't have done that she will clean it up and pay you back for all of it" dad said sternly.

"But dad I-" I started

"No shutup Stevie you know better than to mess with a police officer now go upstairs and get $200 out and get to cleaning and pay em back oh and by the way your going to live with your mom.

Im done! I love ya but Im done and thats final! " screamed my dad

"Fine! I dont f*cking care F*ck you I hate you sending me away from my friends that I love whatever here is your f*cking money Joe"

"I stomp back across the street and clean up the mess then head back home to my dad yelling at me again he then abruptly stops abd pinches his nose while closing his hazel eyes realising that I'm not listening and he says in a calm tone go pack your stuff call your friends they can come help if they want to say bye." says my dad he retreats to the kitchen making dinner he also yell for me to invite their parents.

I dial alex and amanda and tell them what happened they laughed at what I did but was sad about me moving.

*After dinner*

I cant believe hes sending you away like what the h*ll says Amanda

Alex and I quickly agreed as we all lay on my bed

me and mandy(amanda) both were laying our heads on alex

Welp lets get packing I guess said Alex

we get up and pack things in one hour

It took an hour cause all I was taking was clothes and shoes and personal items also some posters of bands.

They spent the night.

Authors Note: Hai baes you all are looking fine today

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